Choose Your Superpower [Comic]

If a genie would give you the opportunity to grant you a single superpower, which one would it be? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. If I lived in a world with several other people who already had powers, I'd wish for the ability to gain their powers due to proximity (like season 1 Heroes Peter).
    But most likely, I'd wish for super intelligence, so that I could build a mechanical suit that would in essence, give me an arsenal of powers .

  2. A three-way toss-up, between teleportation(more like Jumper, not as much like Nightcrawler), telekinesis(like from Chronicle), or simply an aura of good luck(like Longshot from the marvel comics).

  3. Invincibility… that way when lightsabers finally get invented i will be the only one able to hold one without burning themselves

  4. I'd like the ability to project force fields, either like Invisible Woman (invisibility optional) or Green Lantern.

    A close second would be eidetic memory (perfect total memory recall, like Gibson from the Birds of Prey TV series, or Charlie from Heroes).

    Teleportation would also come in handy.

  5. Simple:
    Save points. Or the ability to rewind time. Yeah no flying or fire eyes etc, but really how useful would that stuff even be. Rewinding or making save points would make you A: effectively immortal B: able to succeed at anything you try C: able to learn everything about anything, etc, etc.

    And the best part is no one would even realize you were doing it.

  6. Molecular Control like DC’s Firestorm, but over a much wider area. I would become the world’s most wealthy, famous, and beloved person because….

    I could fix the ozone layer, just fiddle around with the oxygen and it’s fixed!
    Turn all nuclear waste into lead.
    Fix any pollution you put me near. The Pacific garbage slick could be disintegrated.
    Get all the CFCs and excess CO2 out of the atmosphere.
    The list goes on and on and on, and if you try to mess with me I’ll reduce everything you’re carrying and wearing to it’s component atoms.

    And if that’s all too much I’ll take regeneration and the eternal youth that should go with it.

  7. If I had to chose, I would wish the power to learn everything and anything about anyone, anything etc just by touching them.

    For example, should I shake the hands of a world class musician, I would be able to play on par with his ability, and the more people I shake hands with the more things I learn. Imagine having ability to be expert in any field just by knowing the other experts. Imagine what you contribute to the world just by being able to compile the ideas into a single "Super Human"

    I assume some complimentary powers or enhancements to go with said ability is not only to know, but to gain understanding off all the parts to work them into a new whole, with possibly a filter for unnecessary data such as personal history etc. Otherwise you might be overloaded. And by requiring touch you can limit input.

  8. Since there are no restrictions I assume from this genie, then I'd wish for infinite wishes or infinite genies so I can give myself every power I could. If there was a restriction though I'd wish for the ability of whatever I picture in my head comes to life. For example if I picture someones house ripping out of the ground and thrown into space…it would happen.

    If thats no allowed then I would go for invisibility, theres alot you can do with it. Or maybe the ability to be invincible. However, as a guy maybe my wish would be that I could never get a woman pregnant. It sure would save on condom costs. :)

  9. manipulation of atoms – essentially its like having a bunch of super powers using the earths matter. i can use it to help or cause destruction depending on the situation

  10. Unrestricted Power to heal whoever i touch, including unidentified diseases and such ailments as "age" and "shot in the head". Effectively immortality, since i'm essentially always in contact with myself, and this way i get to share eternity with the people i care about.

  11. This is much more fun if you stick to minor powers.

    I think I'd go with the power to make anyone like me, no matter the distance. And I mean really really like me, like their best friend in the whole world. You could quickly get a job anywhere, become president, etc, etc. No smoking trail of theft, etc behind your accent to dominance.

  12. Same power(s) as that of Jamie Madrox (aka Multiple Man).

    His power is the ability to create perfect duplicates, or "dupes", of himself, and all items on his person (clothing, weaponry, et cetera) through impact when he absorbs kinetic energy (although this sometimes has happened at will) through an unknown process.

    Jamie "Prime" can absorb a dupe back into himself at will, which also makes him absorb the memories, knowledge, and skills of the duplicate.

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