Geeky Garage Sale Held in Atlanta Just in Time for the Holidays! [Gallery]

Over the weekend, I attended the B Geeky Collectible Bazaar in a warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia’s West End.

Think of it like one large geeky garage sale, where the “vendors” were local geeks just like you and me, selling some of their DVDs, comics, manga, action figures, video games, collectibles, props, clothes, etc. to other geeks, just in time for the holiday season!

It was sponsored by Battle & Brew, a suburban Atlanta video gaming bar and while attendance was free, every visitor was asked to bring either a canned food item or quite fittingly, an unwrapped toy for local charities.

Take a peek at the gallery of geeky gifts below — the highlight for me was actually seeing my first-ever home Atari system that was being sold for a mere $150!

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    • I was just thinking the same thing! There's a least a dozen in that pile that I would snap up in an instant, ones that I had as a kid and stupidly sold at a yard sale… my single biggest regret as a child…now I have a little girl and wish I could share them with her :(

      • lol i feel ya, i traded mine for other toys/pokemon cards. i have a "naked" mumm-raa with the dog(mum-mutt?) which i no longer have. also had a large collection of beastwars transformers which i gave to my brother when i was 9(he was 3) because i felt it was his turn to appreciate them. he did, lost most of their arms,legs, and complete ones. i was extremely sad when i found out :(. i honestly don't have anything from my childhood anymore except for my SNES game cartridges, lol

        • I still have my Cabbage Patch Kids (Kristy and Sandy), all my Legos (yay!), and the ColecoVision and games, though the controllers don't work anymore. My hubby wishes he still had all his Transformers. When our little one is older I'm going to make her keep a tub of toys whether she likes it or not!

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