Skrillex Meets Zelda

That’s not a combination I ever thought would happen – Legend of Zelda with the dubstep artist Skrillex. But hey, there have been crazier things in life.

Skrillex Quest is what creator Jason Oda calls an “advergame” – that is, an advertising game. The game was created with the intent of promoting Skrillex’s music. It therefore makes sense that the game is just about as trippy as dubstep music is.

The storyline begins with a speck of dust that has entered the cartridge of the Skrillex Quest. This created a glitch within the game that is like an apocalyptic plague, threatening to destroy the entire game world. You, the hero with the sword, must seek out glitch cubes and annihilate them with a swing of your blade. Eventually, if you make it there, you get to fight a giant glitch-cube that dons Skrillex’s hair and glasses.

It’s a curious game, and it’s got a few cute little fun bits ­– there’s a room where the character kinda steps into the foreground and says “Hello player of this game. I am P1. Please don’t get me killed.”

As to whether it makes me want to listen to Skrillex? Perhaps. I’ve never been a dubstep fan and to be honest, the game doesn’t particularly make me want to start. I do have to say, however, that Skrillex Quest was designed to fit the music quite well – the soundtrack is generally very appropriate for the shenanigans on-screen. Everything is just a bit weird, you can never quite predict the next thing to happen and there’s a bit where you even drop – it’s just like dubstep.

[Skrillex Quest | Via Wired]