Avengers + Pokemon = Surprisingly Fitting [Picture Gallery]

When I first heard Avengers with Pokemon I thought, “This is gonna be dumb as hell.” However, FerioWind put a decent amount of thought into which Pokemon that each of the Avengers would have found. He even gave them little backstories as to how each character came across his Pokemon.

Here’s an excerpt from the one for Loki:

Loki’s team! I hemmed and hawed a bit over the Pokemon I chose, but in the end I decided that in Asgard Pokemon are very rare, and are only Legendaries at that, so I based his team around that idea (regular Pokemon are mainly found on Midgard).

Loki found Gengar when it was still a Ghastly while he was out exploring worlds on the sly as a child. They became fast friends over their love of tricks and general sneakiness. As such, said Gengar is several hundred years old (It is a ghost so it probably can’t die…) and is probably over level 100!! oAo

Loki met Deoxys sometime after he fell off the Bifrost and into the unknown. I thought about making Deoxys brainwashed by Loki through the spear, but then I thought he could use some more friends, so it’s just two lonely aliens becoming buddies…

Isn’t it adorable!? I’m a convert.

[FerioWind | Via Nerd Approved]

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