Schrodinger Isn’t Popular with Yahoo Answers Members [Pic]

Poor Schrodinger was just posing a hypothetical…

[Via I f***ing love science]

15 Responses to Schrodinger Isn’t Popular with Yahoo Answers Members [Pic]

  1. The lack of education and reading comprehension these days is highly evident by the responses to that. If you read the whole thing you can tell it's a hypothetical question rather than a statement.

  2. I think I just lost a little more faith in future generations after reading those responses. And a few IQ points, too…

  3. how has no one commented on the fact that it said
    "I put my cat on a sealed box"
    instead of
    "I put my cat in a sealed box"

    • This is exactly the first thing I saw and was wondering before I even read the paragraph. I read some of the responses just to see if anyone else noticed that either and they didn't. And the question is stupid anyway. Even if the cat was IN the sealed box, if it's not dead from poison, it will soon be dead from lack of oxygen. Poorly written.

  4. I'm convinced increasingly each day that I'm more likely to find to intelligent, thoughtful answers on 4chan than I am on any Yahoo! forum.

  5. i was asked to leave when i turned up as a volunteer on a photo shoot in support of PETA here in the UK wearing a t shirt that said
    They have no idea about the real world or the hypothetical it seems

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