Mobile Relationship: In Your Mind vs. In Reality

[Source: Manu Cornet]

6 Responses to Mobile Relationship: In Your Mind vs. In Reality

  1. Debunked- Razr maxx to avoid charging issues, auto connect to work's and home's wifi set, email notifications are set to silent to prevent distractions, custom ring tones set for call screening, and finally, f- checking in.. *takes bow

  2. I turn just about everything off except for the regular cell service for calls and texts. When I want to use the internet or check for emails and updates then I do but I'm not pestered constantly. Battery lasts so much longer. Most of my friends find turning data on and off inconvenient even when there's a widget just for that purpose, as well as one for Bluetooth, WiFi, sync, brightness, and GPS. One claimed that he tried once and he couldn't get it to connect anymore. The only issue I find is that apps that use the internet act funny when you connect and disconnect when they are still running, but I just back out of them or kill them and reopen and they're fine again.

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