Terrorizing Elevator Prank [Video]

Yikes. If something like this would have happened to you, how do you think you would have reacted? Let us know in the comments section below!


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  1. Miles;

    That little girl is supposed to be a phantasm,or a ghost, what would you have done if you took a swing and your hand went right thru her?? I can tell you, you’d have filled your pants in under a second.

    Me, I love pranks like this, only thing is they don’t work to well on me as after seeing her the first time I’d be looking for a secret panel in the elevator walls.

    • yeah right!!! first you give a lecture to the guy saying he would punch her, and then you say that this type of prank doesn’t work on you cause you’re too smart.

  2. I wonder what would happen if indeed someone freaked out and knocks the little girl unconscious…
    Would they put that in the video? Cause that would make it viral…

    I'm just saying that I kind of don't believe this thing, there's just too many risks involved.

    Same thing would happen if you do this to an old person and they suffer some sort of heart attack… Man I'd love to see the faces of the actors trying to revive him…

    • in these countries, people are more superstitious, so i doubt any of them would have actually tried to confront the little girl. also, i THINK they may have lured the people there as part of a job interview, so perhaps they screened them for any violent acts committed in the past? yeah, they could have reacted differently, but notice how they mostly had women, wouldn't have caused as much harm

        • i was thinking about central and south american countries, i believe some asian aswell as european countries also have a higher amount of people that are more superstitious than the US, canada, england. that is y those people were more prone to be frightened.

      • Im Brazil, every tall building have a 13th floor. What's that country that use to skip to the 14th floor by superstitions? Oh! yes! USA! I rest my case.

  3. What I don't get is why these people didn't realize that the elevator wasn't moving :-/
    It should be pretty obvious, are people really that gullible…
    …The numbers are moving so I must be going up… uh
    That right there would tip off any half way observant individual off to the prank.

  4. It’s fake. The closeup of the person pressing the elevator button gives it away. Where’s the ‘hidden’ camera? Plus the door on the side of the elevator where there would be elevator shaft.

  5. Don’t these people have cellphones? I’d have reached for my cell the moment the lights started to flicker. First a cellphone can provide light, second it is a much safer way to call for help to use the cell in your pocket than to search for the emergency-phone located in an unknown place in the dark elevator, only to find the emergency-phone failing along with the lights…

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