Can You Name Them All: 52 Famous Weapons from Pop Culture [Pic]

So geeks, can you name all 52 of these famous weapons from popular culture? :)

[Source: Daniel Nyari | Via Blastr]

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  1. Why no Klingon Bat'leth? And don't give me any of that "There's already a phaser from Star Trek up there", as there are 2 lightsabers.

  2. The Infinity Gauntlet is the most powerful weapon up there. No, seriously just look up on what it can do…it would put that Sonic Screwdriver I've been hearing about to shame. (and yes, I've looked up what it can do and well aware of what it's capable of…still pales in comparison to the Infinity Gauntlet).

  3. Okay, I've got all of them except the extendable baton (which I've got as 32):

    1. Tetriminos [Tetris]
    2. Power Ring [Green Lantern]
    3. the One Ring [LotR]
    4. Poké Ball [Pokémon]
    5. Batarang (specifically looks like a Christine Bale one) [Batman]
    6. Noisy Cricket [MIB I]
    7. Koopa Troopa Shell [Super Mario Bros]
    8. Phaser Pistol Mk I [Star Trek]
    9. The Golden Gun [Man with the Golden Gun]
    10. Bomb [Bomberman]
    11. Silenced Walther PPK [James Bond series]
    12. Dagger of Time [Prince of Persia]
    13. twinned H&K USP Match pistols [Tomb Raider series]
    14. Isaac's Plasma Cutter [Dead Space series]
    15. Indiana Jones' Whip [Indiana Jones Series]
    16. Scorpion's Spear [Mortal Kombat]
    17. Infinity Gauntlet [Marvel Comics]
    18. Freddy Krueger's razor finger glove [Nightmare on Elm Street]
    19. Jason Voorhees' Machete [Friday the 13th]
    20. Mario's Hammer [Donkey Kong]
    21. Green Ranger's Dragon Dagger [Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger]
    22. Thor's Mjolnir [Marvel Comics]
    23. Kung Lao's Razor-Rimmed Hat [Mortal Kombat]
    24. MA37 Assault Rifle [Halo]
    25. Gordan Freeman's Crowbar [Half Life]
    26. Anton's captive bolt pistol [No Country for Old Men]
    27. Mike's Ninchuka [TMNT]
    28. Donnie's Bo staff [TMNT]
    29. Leo's Katana [TMNT]
    30. Raf's Sai [TMNT]
    31. Extendable baton [no idea]
    32. Shawn's Cricket bat [Shawn of the Dead]
    33. Darth Vader's Light Sabre [Star Wars]
    34. Luke's Light Sabre [Star Wars]
    35. Gravity Gun [Half Life]
    36. Rip Ya a New One mark V (RYNO V) [Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time]
    37. Leatherface's Chainsaw [Texas Chainsaw Massacre]
    38. Captain America's Shield [Marvel comics]
    39. Cloud's Buster Sword [Final Fantasy VII]
    40. Proton Pack [Ghostbusters]
    41. Kratos' Double-chained blades [God of War]
    42. Portal Gun [Portal]
    43. Excalibur [Excalibur, 1981]
    44. Sword of Omens [Thundercats]
    45. Power Sword of Grayskull [He-man and the Masters of the Universe]
    46. Mk2 Lancer assault Rifle [Gears of War]
    47. Master Sword [Legend of Zelda]
    48. Hylian Shield [Legend of Zelda]
    49. Bride's katana (Hattori Hanzo) [Kill Bill]
    50. Gun Blade [Final Fantasy VIII]
    51. Soul Edge [Soul Calibre]
    52. BFG 9000 [Doom]

  4. Omissions:
    – Crysknife
    – Bat'leth (sp?)
    – M41A pulse rifle / M56 "smart gun"
    – Han Solo's blaster
    – Cap'n Mal's pistol
    – Really? Texas Chainsaw Massacre over Evil Dead? Ash > Leatherface any day of week

    • I thought ED initially… but it has to be TCM => Ash's is shorter and has the attachment he can fasten his handless wrist to…

  5. No "trumpet" to deliver the Carbon Dioxide (blank or silver fire extinguisher = dry ice as the inhibitor), so it's not a fire extinguisher. Most modern fire extinguishers are coloured red as standard (this would be indicate the contents were water under the old standard), so it's not a water extinguisher (which would have a small nozzle). There nearest "weapon" that uses compressed gas is the cattle bolt gun, which suggests this is from No Country for Old Men…

    • Seriously? 31 is not an "extendable baton" it's a wand; either Harry Potter's original wand or the Elder Wand from the Potter series.

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