Nicole Marie Jean Cosplays as Lady Bane [Pics]

Here’s a few awesome pics of cosplayer Nicole Marie Jean in her self-made she-bane costume. Please Nicole Marie, don’t hurt me! :)


[Source: Nicole Marie Jean on Facebook]

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  1. not necessarily my over excited brother she is married and lost weight after the wedding so is lieing about it put potential lookers off track and make excited teenagers feel bad.


  2. Kinda cool. But as a straight male I'm getting sick of every time I see women cosplaying male characters (which is wickedly cool btw) they have to do so with as little clothes as possible as if to prove they're actually a woman.

    • Because she showed cleavage? I suppose you've never seen a female comic book character. The idea of cosplaying a character of your opposite gender is to take the creative approach and show what the character would look like as the other gender. She made her mask and vest from scratch. She isn't just some woman trying to wear as little clothes as possible. She showed her midriff and has cleavage. That's hardly "as little clothes as possible". Her other pictures clearly show her wearing full length pants and combat boots. Seems pretty legit to me. Plus Bane is seen shirtless in the movie. Technically, she could be considered overdressed then.

      • I'm with terrormaster on this one. It's one thing to cosplay as a male character, it's another to show as much skin as possible for attention. This seems like the latter. As much as I like women dressing up, it bothers me when they're just whoring for attention. It does nothing but further the stereotype and when they do something like above, it's not helping the cause. What was the problem with making a vest that covers everything? Was there some kind of requirement to cut it off at the abdomen and wear it like a bra? I'm sure she could've made one that covers everything, but then she won't get as much attention.

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