Viral Video Showdown: One and Only [Comedy Video]

Travis K. from from Zeke Mahogany Comedy just sent me a fun video he recently created for a show on SyFy called “Viral Video Showdown.”

I made a comedy video on a SyFy TV show called “Viral Video Showdown.” We had 72 hours to come up with an idea and then write, shoot and edit it. It was a CRAZY 72 hours but I’m very happy with the final product. I hope you give it a watch, it’s 90 seconds of non-stop action/comedy.

Why would it be good for your site? Because we’re film geeks and it shows what you can do with the camera equipment nowadays. We shot this whole thing on an $800 DSLR and edited it on a MacBook. It’s our passion and the new technology is changing storytelling for the better as almost anyone can tell their stories through video.

Thanks Travis!