Giant Gandalf Greets Hobbit-Goers in NZ

It’s really no surprise that New Zealand has fully embraced its new status as Middle Earth. Lord of the Rings has (and undoubtedly the upcoming Hobbit movies will too) showcased the beautiful scenery of the tiny country down under and attracted a lot of attention to the typically ignored nation.

With the premiere of the first Hobbit movie to explode across the world on November 28th, they continue in-line with the elaborate displays (such as this gigantic Gollum, or, you know, the Air NZ safety video) to let the world know that this is the home of the Hobbit. Like, literally. The Embassy Theatre, down in the arts centre and capital city of New Zealand, Wellington, now has a gigantic door into Biblo’s house at Bag End, complete with Gandalf to greet you.

Check out photos of the installation of the sculpture on The Embassy’s Facebook page. I don’t think this beats the Uruk Hai having battles in the middle of traffic-light crossings during promos for LOTR though…

Meanwhile, Mount Doom (previously known as Mount Ruapehu but has since been reappropriated by Peter Jackson) is ready to blow its top, according to geologists. Anyone need some rings forged?

[Via io9]