Doctor Who 500 Year Diary

Think you might have a River Song-esque affair with a Timelord at some point in your life? If it were to happen, would you be ready for all the confusion that comes with dating a time traveller? Maybe you should be prepared – you never know when the Doctor is going to drop in on you.

A 500 Year Diary is an essential component to any time traveller’s lover. While companions have the luxury of just…you know…always being there, you might end up travelling on a reverse timeline and need a diary to keep track of who’s been where and who’s seen what.

Of course, it looks nothing like the snazzy Tardis-inspired journals kept by River and the Doctor, but hey – hardbound, saddle-stitched and with 320 pages to record your events (you might need a few more if you’re truly intending to use it for 500 Years…)

[$9.99 from Entertainment Earth]