Doctor Who 500 Year Diary

Think you might have a River Song-esque affair with a Timelord at some point in your life? If it were to happen, would you be ready for all the confusion that comes with dating a time traveller? Maybe you should be prepared – you never know when the Doctor is going to drop in on you.

A 500 Year Diary is an essential component to any time traveller’s lover. While companions have the luxury of just…you know…always being there, you might end up travelling on a reverse timeline and need a diary to keep track of who’s been where and who’s seen what.

Of course, it looks nothing like the snazzy Tardis-inspired journals kept by River and the Doctor, but hey – hardbound, saddle-stitched and with 320 pages to record your events (you might need a few more if you’re truly intending to use it for 500 Years…)

[$9.99 from Entertainment Earth]

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  1. Actually, this is more classic series inspired than River Song's diary – the 500 Year Diary was something that very occasionally popped up. It was something mostly seen with the 2nd Doctor, or at least, in images. That's why it's not anything like River's diary. Definitely would be cool to have for the classic fan, though!

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