Beautiful New Version of the Angry Birds Theme by Violin Virtuoso Angèle Dubeau [Video]

So yes, I know, most of you have heard the Angry Birds theme countless times, but here is a new version that I thought was definitely worth sharing. I stumbled on it tonight while listening to Tout le monde en parle, a very popular talk show here in Quebec. This particular version of the theme is part of Angèle Dubeau’s AMAZING new album, Game Music. If you want an idea of what Game Music sounds like, Amazon has some beautiful samples of each song on the album right here.

An artist of rare versatility considered one of the most prominent violin virtuosos in Canada, for more than 30 years Angèle Dubeau has had a dazzling career in the great concert halls of the world. While her virtuosity and musicality have seduced critics, the public has adopted Dubeau for her uncommon gifts as a communicator and her outstanding ability to connect with it. In fact, she is the only Canadian classical musician to have been awarded two gold records for sales exceeding 50,000 albums sold in one year and has already succeeded in selling over 450,000 discs. [Source: Wikipedia]

[Game Music]