Facts about Human Evolution [Video]

Hank brings you the facts, as they are understood by scientists today, about the evolution of humans from our humble primate ancestors. On the way to becoming Homo sapiens, game-changing evolutionary breakthroughs led to the development of many hominin species, now all extinct. Hank will introduce us to these species & the breakthroughs responsible for their development, and help us understand the awesome ways in which they led to us.


One Response to Facts about Human Evolution [Video]

  1. You can't call something "Facts about…" and then fill the video with "probably this", "we think that", and a diagram with a question mark on it. It's about as credible as these guys: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/dd/Gno
    Apes –> ? –> Humans

    It's like sometimes everyone stops asking questions and their beliefs turn into science. Like when facts declared the world was flat. There are just some things we may never know so own up to it.

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