Contrary To Popular Opinion [Picture]

[Via MUO]

4 Responses to Contrary To Popular Opinion [Picture]

  1. Thank you for this. Both for the laugh, and because it's absolutely true. If anything, it makes me less likely to commit violence in the real world, since I know I have some sort of outlet for any anger I feel, and I know it's better to assassinate redcoats in 1700 Boston than to do anything else out here in reality.

  2. Playing certain games does seem to radically increase the chance of you being a racist, misogynist homophobe, but so far there's no known link to murder.

  3. playing games is a great way to vent one's emotions. at first glance was reminded of the time when a norwegian bomber who was interogated, confessed that he "trained" in combat by playing cod: mordern warfare! if that was true, who needs training camps or army bases? anyone who has been playing cs or battlefield would easily know how to defuse or shoot rpg's at enemies!!

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