Ultimate Pokélife?

Hmm…I reckon in my Pokémon hey-day I had more cards than this. And I had a full complement of Poké-plushies. But alas, they are all gone now…I miss my Pokémon collection. Do you have a collection to rival this kid’s?

[Via Nerd Approved]

8 Responses to Ultimate Pokélife?

  1. Yeah. Base set 1, Jungle & Fossil complete sets, also with promos 1 – 20. Plus a lot of Japanese only releases.

  2. I never understood the draw of Pokemon. I mean I liked the idea when it came first out of different creatures with different abilities fighting and all. But after more started coming out (generations are they called?) I was like "Well this is obviously a obsession for those with OCD and no life.".

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