I’m a (Gamer) Geek: The Music Video [Loacs & Johntah]

Ok, before you hit play on the clip, just be aware that the music in this video was composed by some of our French (from France) readers, so don’t be too hard on them about the lyrics, which may sound strange on occasion, even though they’re in English. However, the music itself is catchy, and the video was well produced.

Warning: Video contains language that might be slightly inappropriate for a work environment.

Un beau bonjour à tous nos lecteurs francophones! :) (Greetings to all our French speaking readers, and to all the rest of you as well, of course!)

[Loacs & Johntah]

6 Responses to I’m a (Gamer) Geek: The Music Video [Loacs & Johntah]

  1. The true gamer girls don't do that stuff.

    This reinforces so many negative stereotypes. :(

    We're just gamers, dude. We're not different, and we certainly don't wear that much makeup.

  2. Not trying to be a negative nancy or some elitest trying to one up someone…. but there was nothing really geeky about this video. The song and editing was great and big props for that but the two main characters in the video being geeky…. no so much.

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