What do you think of the iPad Mini Ad?

Say what you want about Apple, they’re pretty good at marketing their stuff. They’ve had a pretty good recipe of clean white backgrounds to showcase the product being advertised and a carefully crafted voice-over making the features sound like conversation pieces. They kinda make the tech a talking piece – which isn’t an entirely bad thing for tech geeks, who just want to find acceptance when they talk about the features of a new gadget.

However, the new iPad mini ad, entitled “Piano”, takes a slightly altered approach – while the ‘just-the-product’ concept is still there, this one lacks a voice-over and is simply showing off the GarageBand piano.

And they’re playing ‘Heart and Soul’. Sure, it’s recognizable, a great song for piano beginners and one that most people who have ever felt the desire to play a piano can relate to. It’s also horrifically annoying as it’s a tune we’ve heard over…and over…and over.

What do you think? Is this an effective ad or is Apple’s marketing slipping?

[Via Mac Rumours]