What do you think of the iPad Mini Ad?

Say what you want about Apple, they’re pretty good at marketing their stuff. They’ve had a pretty good recipe of clean white backgrounds to showcase the product being advertised and a carefully crafted voice-over making the features sound like conversation pieces. They kinda make the tech a talking piece – which isn’t an entirely bad thing for tech geeks, who just want to find acceptance when they talk about the features of a new gadget.

However, the new iPad mini ad, entitled “Piano”, takes a slightly altered approach – while the ‘just-the-product’ concept is still there, this one lacks a voice-over and is simply showing off the GarageBand piano.

And they’re playing ‘Heart and Soul’. Sure, it’s recognizable, a great song for piano beginners and one that most people who have ever felt the desire to play a piano can relate to. It’s also horrifically annoying as it’s a tune we’ve heard over…and over…and over.

What do you think? Is this an effective ad or is Apple’s marketing slipping?

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  1. Oh yes, Apple's marketing is effective. It is how they have managed to gain so much ground after all. How they manage to sell normal products at a higher price. Packaging and marketing is key. And Apple is truly the masters of their crafts there. It is one of the reasons why Linux have such a hard time reaching the consumer market: they got no strong multimillion dollar base from which to market and publish to the general person. I'm fairly certain Apple could market and sell just about anything.

  2. I think it is a great advertisement. None of the usual snark, none of the silly, "Amazing and Awesome" tag phrases. Everyone knows what an iPad is, you don't have to explain it. This one is just smaller.
    For me it is reminiscent of the Coke commercials with the polar bears. Not a whole lot of substance, but really, what can they say.
    As an aside, I still won't by one.

    • And whenever someone asks me "What's up?" I can't help but to see three frogs croaking or a slacker explaining how he is drinking beer while watching sports. *shudders* I've mostly stopped watching the television due to commercials and marketing.

    • I think it's effective.. but to be honest, at this point is doesn't really matter what they put on TV. Apple has built so much "cool," into their product marketing over the last decade; that I would bet, a high percentage of products sold were to consumers who didn't even need to see the marketing to know they were available, and wanted one… Apple is just a computer company with the same talent pool of engineers as any other computer company, but their success seems to be built on marketing and design. Here is a cool TED talk about why Apple marketing is so effective.

  3. I think it would have been much better had they kept missing keys on the ipad mini because they are harder to hit on the smaller screen.

  4. I laughed and changed the channel.

    But Steve said it his self, "The seven inch tablets are DOA." Oh but this one is 7.9. My bad.

    Honestly, coming from a 1st gen iPad owner who switched to Android tablets. I can do SO MUCH more with my Android tablet which cost a little less. I've played with the Nexus 7 and wished I had one but my 10" works best for me.

  5. i guess their ads are ok, i dont understand the piano thing though. people dont buy ipads do to something they can do on a 5$ fisher price toy. either way this ad is the best…

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