The Hobbit Character Posters [Pics]

I don’t know where you’d go to buy these, but it seems a bunch of new posters of characters from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey have been released into the world.

Is it just me, or is Thorin, Kili and Fili like…epically hot? (Excusing Fili’s braided moustache…thing…though it may or may not be growing on me…) I never imagined¬†any of the dwarves to be hot when I read that book. I guess I was a kid back then and maybe I just didn’t read closely enough…

I honestly have no idea what happened to the picture of Gloin. The pictures came from here so I’m guessing Gloin is one of the broken images…

[Via Comic Book Movie]

4 Responses to The Hobbit Character Posters [Pics]

  1. …I kind of pictured the dwarves as they were in the LotR films… you know, rugged short people with beards as thick as their armor. Next thing you know, Smaug is going to be a brown, fat dragon instead of a red serpentine dragon, and Dale will be on the side of a cliff.

  2. Thorin is one of the major major characters of the book, and Fili/Kili are sorta popular secondaries. Note how they are very uncharacteristic of Dwarves. This is stupid.

  3. I am both disturbed and intrigued by how hot Thorin and Kili are. These are not the dwarves I had in mind when I read The Hobbit, when I was a kid or just a few months ago. Or ever. Ever.

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