Maths Anxiety Can Cause You Physical Pain

If you are mathematically challenged, your so-called pain should no longer be vilified – you actually do feel it! At least, as you’re psyching yourself up to sit in that chair in the exam hall to do it.

Previous research has indicated that there is such a thing as “math anxiety” – that is, an anxiety that some people have that is specifically related to doing mathematics. It’s kind of like a phobia of mathematics. It can develop from as early as first grade and can even be passed down from teachers to students.

Sian Beilock, a professor of psychology at the University of Chicago, is an expert in this area and she and Ian Lyons have conducted research into the brain’s reaction when math-anxious individuals do maths. Their findings were reported in a paper “When Math Hurts: Math Anxiety Predicts Pain Network Activation in Anticipation of Doing Math”, published in PLOS One.

14 adults with the math anxiety condition were tested in an fMRI machine while they were given a series of math-related questions. The results showed that as they were preparing to do the math, the posterior insula was activated. This is a region of the brain just above the ear that is associated with registering direct threats and the experience of pain. Interestingly, this area was not activated as the volunteers were actually doing the math.

The idea is to show that students who have math anxiety actually have a physically painful response when confronted with the mere prospect of mathematics. As with any anxiety, the treatment shouldn’t involve piling more on, but instead working through the issue so that they can become more comfortable with the subject and address their anxiety. Beilock has shown that, for example, writing about your anxiety before the test can help to address the worries and subsequently lead to better performance.

So when those non-geeks tell you that maths makes their brains hurt, they might not be entirely lying to you. Even if you can’t seem to comprehend how anyone could hate the glory that is mathematics…

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6 Responses to Maths Anxiety Can Cause You Physical Pain

  1. Why does having dyscalculus or generally not being very math literate make someone a non-geek? Geeks aren't always brain boxes that ace every subject…

    • Yeah, I'm really good with arithmetic but the more advanced stuff gives me that anxiety feeling.. it takes me a while to calm down and actually sit down and try to understand it.

  2. Well, all forms of anxiety brings pain. Real pain. Such as the pain of breaking up with your beloved one. Angst about performing on stage, etc, etc. Funny fact: if someone broke up with you or you with someone and you hurt a lot over it, eat some painkiller of some sort. Aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen, all work. The reason for this is a whole other long story which I won't get into here. But you can prolly google it if you're interested. It has to do with subjective pain and why we hurt and how the brain handles the signal and how painkillers work as a mild sedative.

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