4 Responses to I Am Your Father Now [Comic]

  1. Why does it seem so many people act as though Disney's ownership of LucasFilm is a bad thing? If anything we will get more content. And I don't see how it can be worse that EP 1,2,3. Or clone wars. Personally, I think there is a greater chance of better content moving forward under Disney's ownership.

  2. Disney taking over Star Wars will be the end of fan made stuff… I already see billions of DMCA takedown notices on all kind of sorts of things. I just say Mickey Mouse Copyright Law ;)

  3. I am pretty sure even Disney is not immune to copyright laws that allow parody.

    – This has strong Disney parodies and I am pretty sure Kesha didn't get permission from Disney. Which is the whole point to copyright laws allowing parody art forms. Most fan made content should fall in this category. Though it would likely mean you can't just put unedited Star Wars soundtracks in place.

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