2013 Women of Geekdom Calendar [Pics]

The 2013 “Women of Geekdom” calendar is the geek-equivalent to those infamous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendars!

We like our ladies looking REAL! But with elf ears!

The calendar features Chloe Dykstra, host of “Just Cos!” on Nerdist Channel, Satine Phoenix, Dodger Lawson, Nicole Jekich, Sandy Bergeron, Jenna Busch, Stormy Piazza, Misti Dawn, Christina Janke, Dash Williams, and Laura Rosado.

The calendar costs $30, and a portion of the proceeds will go to The Wayne Foundation, which strives to end sex trafficking of women and children.

However, you can get $5 off at checkout by entering “WOG2012NERDIST” on The Women of Geekdom website!

[Via Nerdist]