2013 Women of Geekdom Calendar [Pics]

The 2013 “Women of Geekdom” calendar is the geek-equivalent to those infamous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendars!

We like our ladies looking REAL! But with elf ears!

The calendar features Chloe Dykstra, host of “Just Cos!” on Nerdist Channel,┬áSatine Phoenix, Dodger Lawson, Nicole Jekich, Sandy Bergeron, Jenna Busch, Stormy Piazza, Misti Dawn, Christina Janke, Dash Williams, and Laura Rosado.

The calendar costs $30, and a portion of the proceeds will go to The Wayne Foundation, which strives to end sex trafficking of women and children.

However, you can get $5 off at checkout by entering “WOG2012NERDIST” on The Women of Geekdom website!

[Via Nerdist]

9 Responses to 2013 Women of Geekdom Calendar [Pics]

  1. I won't buy one, but at least it is a good cause.

    Calling a girl with an iPhone a geek is like calling all my aunts and uncles geeks. I would slap that phone out of my parents hands if I ever saw them with an Apple product. I am 43 with my own kids and even my own kids know better.

    Also, throwing average looking girls in a picture with a bunch of "supposed" geek items does not a geek girl make. Maybe one or 2 of them in there might be geeks, but I would bet they are reaching on some of them.

    • "Also, throwing average looking girls in a picture with a bunch of "supposed" geek items does not a geek girl make"

      which is to say, if they were better looking they'd be geeks? not following ya, slick.

      • It's okay chief, I will explain it to you.

        There is a mentality that you have to be average looking to be a geek. Therefor, if we throw average looking girls in a picture, they must be geeks. I have seen both really ugly and really good looking geek girls, but they don't have to be average looking to be a geek.

        It's okay boss, I have had to explain things to my kids before, I don't mind explaining things to you. Let me know if you have any more questions.

        • nope, gettin' ya loud and clear, ace…i truly appreciate the learning that those extra words provided the second time around. they really helped me understand what i failed to pick up the first time, as the initial clarity, context, and point were obviously implied, as opposed to stated.

          thanks for the down vote too, pops…i hope all the love you give your kids is tough love, and all the reinforcement is negative.

        • Glad to be of service sport.

          Sometimes I am not completely clear on what I have implied. I should have stated the obvious, I will work on that.

          I apologize for the down vote, son , I must have clicked that on accident. I will hop on another IP address to promptly fix that as I like to keep good friends on the Internet. I don't want to presume we are friends, but I feel we are now pretty close after 2 correspondences.

          I can imagine the positive reinforcement your parents provided you with has helped since I am detecting a kind demeanor. You must reach out and thank them, I only wish I could.

  2. Cute redhead with a mini skirt, thigh highs, a Delorean, and a sonic screw driver: I think someone has perfected a mind reading device.

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