2013 Women of Geekdom Calendar [Pics]

The 2013 “Women of Geekdom” calendar is the geek-equivalent to those infamous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendars!

We like our ladies looking REAL! But with elf ears!

The calendar features Chloe Dykstra, host of “Just Cos!” on Nerdist Channel,┬áSatine Phoenix, Dodger Lawson, Nicole Jekich, Sandy Bergeron, Jenna Busch, Stormy Piazza, Misti Dawn, Christina Janke, Dash Williams, and Laura Rosado.

The calendar costs $30, and a portion of the proceeds will go to The Wayne Foundation, which strives to end sex trafficking of women and children.

However, you can get $5 off at checkout by entering “WOG2012NERDIST” on The Women of Geekdom website!

[Via Nerdist]

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