Joss Whedon on The Zombie Apocalypse and Mitt Romney

*Disclaimer: As a Canadian, I don’t know much about American Politics, so before anyone says I’m posting this to endorse a candidate or the other, just know that I’m doing it for the funny and geeky aspect of the video.


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  1. -1 for GAS. I give credit, there is some humor in the video, but what you said would be akin to my supporting Quebec's secession because, well, they seem to nicer, Frenchier folks than the rest of Canada. Welcome to Monday.

  2. I hate it when tech sites post political opinions, and while there is some humor in this and I love zombies, I come to GAS for geek-like things. If I want politics, I go to a news site. If I want info and a good laugh, I come here. Please keep them separate.

    However, as a disclaimer, I am voting Romney this November. I don't think the world can survive Obama for another four years.

  3. Neither candidate is a good choice, all politicians are liars, it's actually a majority of their job description (maybe). While Obama has good points I doubt he would actually do the things he claims to. Romney wouldn't be able to separate church and state and you would see an increase in hate crimes and decrease in education (at least REAL education, not talking about Sunday school etc.)
    I say the zombies are already here but they don't look like traditional zombies…..

      • I wouldn't say an increase in hatred, but an increase in oppressive legislation. He's promised to back a Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage. I don't think Romney himself takes issue with gay people, but he's beholden to religious right, and they do.

  4. Romney says he'll support an anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment for the same reason Obama says he'd support one for gay marriage: Because it plays well with their base but has exactly ZERO chance of ever happening (either way).

    In today's political climate you couldn't get 2/3 of the House and Senate and then 3/4 of the States to agree that grass is green let alone anything of importance.

    It's easy to promise stuff you know you'll never be put on the spot to deliver.

    • Let me add to the chorus of people saying they hate the politics showing up on the site. And it always seems to be a left bash of the right. How about the geeky idea of going as a reporter – by wearing an Obama button. This falls flat to those of us who aren’t pro Obama.

      And not to nit-pick but I don’t think Obama supports an amendment to support gay marriage… he has called it a states right issue but says he supports it. It’s the meekest support he could give without shunning his bundlers who were withholding donations until he supported the issue.

      Please GAS, no more politics. Please.

  5. You could also post a video of a clever celebrity deadpan delivering a witty and biting narrative in support of Romney were it not for the fact that so far that celebrity has simply been a very old man shouting angrily at an empty chair.

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