50 Attempts at Speech In Early Video Games

Do you remember the first time you’ve heard speech in a video game? As far as I’m concerned, I think it was through my 286’s PC speakers in the early 80s in a DOS game adaptation of Jules Verne’s A Journey to the Center of the Earth.


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  1. TRS-80, Model 1 – game called "Robot Attack" – needed an external "beepy box", but you got "Robot Attack!" and "Game over, Player 1" or "Great Score, Player 1". Earliest game I remember, let alone talking one!

  2. Impossible Mission (C64): Another Visitor – stay a while… STAY FOREVEEERR!!!!

    Dunno if that was the first or if it was one of the others above though. I played them all :-)

  3. I probably heard earlier examples that I’m forgetting, but the first one that comes to mind is the loading screen of Bad Dudes for the NES. “I’M BAD!” (spoken moments before you’re told that the game is about rescuing the president from ninjas)

    I also remember when speech packs were sold for some PC games, like Wing Commander 2 and Privateer, and how you needed a Sound Blaster compatible card to hear them. Oh, and the various Sound Blaster-specific programs, like Dr. Sbaitso and that parrot.

  4. My first was "Riiiiise from your graaaave" I think. My first own console was a Sega Megadrive (Genesis for your USAians) and Altred Beast came bundled with it. My family had a NES before that, but it never any games with voices for it.

    Aah, memories ~♥

  5. What's number 27? Anyone knows?
    Heard it before in this Gamma Ray song, but didn't know it's taken from a video-game…


  6. The failure to include "Impossible Mission" and Intellivision MLB Baseball were the ones I noticed. Did see a few Amiga games in there though.

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