The United States of Scary Things [Picture]

After seeing this I’m just glad I live in the great white Canadian north, where people get eaten by polar bears almost every day and where the economy is driven by lumberjacks.

[Source: Pleated-Jeans]


11 Responses to The United States of Scary Things [Picture]

  1. The New Jersey – Snooki, alone had me rolling…even as an American thats gotta be the scariest thing ever!

  2. Really Ohio gets Dahmer? While you stick Wisconsin, where he was born, did most of his known murders and died, with cheeseheads? Wisconsin also had Ed Gein, among others but you chose the football fans? Fail.

    • Agreed – he lived in Ohio from when he was eight till he enlisted in the Army, outside of that he was in Wisconsin … not sure why they'd put him on Ohio.