Mother Nature Gave Birth to a Keyboard

In a world where ‘modern design’ usually involves glass and polymers, Robbie Tilton was sick of nature being left out in the cold. For those glued to their desks and missing a little greenery in their lives, allow us to introduce you to the “Natural Keyboard”.

Tilton went through a lot of effort to figure out how to incorporate wood into the design of a keyboard that used the Apple wireless keyboard as a starting point. He experimented with wood bending and even went through quite significant analysis of how the Apple keyboard keys work, in order to ensure the tactile sensations were just as he wanted it.

He wanted to top the whole thing off with growable moss (like this), but with a lack of access to moss and time constraints, he decided to top it off with fake moss instead.

All in all, it seems to have come out as quite a unique unification of the natural and technological worlds. He describes using the keyboard as a “sensual experience for the hands” due to the unusual textures.

Would you rather use a “Natural Keyboard” or your plastic one?

[Read more about it on Robbie Tilton’s blog | Via Mashable]

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