Circuit Board Nails [Picture]

[Source: Nail Pop]

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  1. call me a real geek, but I think she/he (don’t want to be sexist here) missed a few and it’s geek/nerd’s job to point those out
    1. What seems to be a capacitor (yellow stuff) is not connected on the wedding ring finger. It’s possible the connection is on the other side (dual layer PCB board)
    2. Op Amp (transistor) on index finger seems to be too small and have too many nods (connecting points). The transistor that size usually has 8 and it’s 4 on each side (the long side)
    3. There are black dots and it’s not connected to anything and it’s too small to have 2 nods.
    4. I have no idea what is going on the pinky (literally I can’t see it)

    Troll out

  2. just try and get on an Airplane to anywhere with those on your fingers. Groping will be the measure to start with then removal before flight!

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