Empty San Francisco [Video]

If you’re a fan of San Fran, or a fan of some clever Photoshopping, then you’ll find this video pretty cool, if a little bit haunting.

Inspired by the “Empty LA” photography series by Matt Logue, this is the first of a series called “Empty America” by Ross Ching. He didn’t have the budget to expand upon his previous video, “Running on Empty” so he pitched this idea to Thrash Lab and began work on this series.

Ching commented to the Huffington Post that one of the best parts about creating this time-lapse video was that he didn’t require a crew. It took him only two cameras and three days to complete the filming! Though I’m sure the editing must have taken hours…and hours…and hours.

If you’re a post-production geek and are interested in how he made San Fran look like ground zero for some major epidemic, check this out:

[Via Huffington Post]

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  1. It's very good, but after looking at the other video of 'how it's done', I went back and had another viewing. The only problem is anything that is actually moving, such as the water under the bridge, and there's also another shot with tree shadows, the shadows in the live parts are moving, but as he's layered a lot of time lapse photos over the top to erase cars, people, etc.. the shadows on those don't move, and don't match the actual moving parts of the shot.

    Still, very well done, perhaps though they should have thought about the shadows.

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