Disney Continues Foray Into Steampunk with More Merchandise [Pics]

Since 2010, Disney has been going “steampunk” with their ‘Mechanical Kingdom‘ and Vinylmation line of toys and accessories.

In November, they will be releasing these Mechanical Kingdom pins:

In 2013, however, they will be releasing a total of 7 small, detailed resin ornaments — some of which will even light up!

[Via Epbot]

6 Responses to Disney Continues Foray Into Steampunk with More Merchandise [Pics]

  1. How is that steampunk? There's not a single pressure gauge on any of those. I'm reminded of that song, "Put Some Gears On It And Call It 'Steampunk.'"

    • god there are some elitests for everything isn't there?

      "There's no steam on that it's not REAL steampunk, posers!"

      Go outside once in a while ;)

      • Yes, because gods forbid that a billion dollar company actually research a trend instead of just pandering to the morons who are willing to throw money at anything with the word 'steampunk' on it. Not only is none of that steampunk, but it also looks like absolute crap.

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