Say Bye Bye to Laundry

Ever thrown something in the washing machine, even though it didn’t really need a full wash? Later regretted that decision because the piece of clothing has come out just a little bit stretched out and a little more worn down?

Well Lisa Marie Bengtsson, a London designer, wanted to come up with a solution. The world is constantly trying to come up with innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment – and this has the added bonus of saving our clothes from unnecessary damage too.

These clothes hangers are equipped with activated charcoal – that is carbon that has been treated with oxygen in such a way that it becomes a porous material that absorbs odors. You can then leave things like, say, a blazer you wore while someone was smoking, hanging up and have it smelling fresh, without having to subject it to a full on wash.

Of course, this will never remove stains nor replace actually washing dirty clothes – it’s more just to remove slight odors from not-so-dirty clothes you wish to wear again.

It’s a pretty cool concept, but I’m not sure how much I’d really use it. If I felt like I could use some clothes again, I’d probably just hang it up and let it air out – not sure the activated carbon is particularly necessary.

What do you guys think? Good environmentally-friendly innovation or making a simple thing more complicated than it needs to be?

[By Lisa Marie Bentsson | Via Geeky Gadgets]

7 Responses to Say Bye Bye to Laundry

  1. I call shenanigans on the whole thing.
    I understand that activated charcoal can absorb odors, but i seriously doubt that that little capsule of charcoal does anything to remove the odor from the clothes. It might keep the closet from getting too funky from your dirty clothes, but it's not going to change anything about the clothes themselves .
    You'd be better off just hanging them outside, letting the wind and sun naturally remove the odors.

  2. And also, wouldn't the charcoal just absorb any ambient odours form then environment? For example cooking and then release them all over your clothes gradually? Mmmmm….bacon blazer!

  3. Ways to reduce the impact on the environment… remind me again how most charcoal is made XD. like previous comment, why not just dry in open air?

  4. Yeah.. I just leave my clothes and shoes to air out for a while before I put them back in the closet.. Or leave the closet open. It's that simple.

  5. Sounds good, especially for those of us living in small spaces! Or in vancouver, where the sun comes out for two months a year and you can't hang anything outside because of the rain. curious as to whether the huge loop is to incorporate as much clothes as possible.

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