Lenovo’s Mega Touchscreen PC (and TV?)

Windows 8 is coming and it’s bringing with it touchscreen computing. Of course, touchscreen computers aren’t anything particularly new – I believe HP has had one for ages. The difference is that the actual system is going to be built for it – Windows 8 is going to be designed for touch screens.

And Lenovo is ready for it with the IdeaCentre A720. According to this woman at Wired, the computer is looking like it’s pretty tip-top shape.

Sleek and sensible design. Fully adjustable screen can be laid flat, and the IPS panel offers great viewing angles. All the entertainment necessities are here, including Blu-ray, HDMI in/out and a TV antenna jack. One of the best touchscreen all-in-one PCs available ahead of Windows 8?s launch.

Even the gripes she DOES have don’t seem particularly awful (except perhaps the price point – $2,100 is a lot of money):

Display resolution is a bit low for a 27-inch screen. Performance doesn’t quite match the price. Bundled peripherals are uninspired.

Though I suppose if you’ve gotten used to a retina display on a 3rd generation iPad, you might be a bit dubious about low resolution.

One of the things I love about this girl’s review of the product is that she got tired playing Fruit Ninja on it – as in her arms started to ache. She lives a good life, doesn’t she? Having to play games on her giant touchscreen PC till her arms hurt in order to write an article about it. Sounds good to me!

From how she describes it, it seems that the TV-PC is just waiting for Window 8 to come out to get the full functionality out of the television. But regardless, she seems to believe it’ll be a hit.

What do you think? Touchscreen TV-PCs or is this just one of those gadgets for people with too much money?

[Lenovo IdeaCentre A720]

[Read the full review on Wired]

3 Responses to Lenovo’s Mega Touchscreen PC (and TV?)

  1. Is a rectangle, with a screen and a black border. According to the US Justice system its an iPad!
    But seriously, all fanboyism aside, It seriously looks like a Thunderbolt display. I wonder if Apple has the teeth to sue Lenovo…I am betting not.

  2. My general feeling is that until they can get these touch screens to be Wacom accurate, and reduce the lag time between your finger (or pen) and the pointer, it's just a gimmick. I don't like smudges all over my main computer screen, I'd rather keep it clean and use a mouse. :-/

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