Cosplayer Chronicles – Episode 3: The Chainmail Chick

Here is the third episode of the Cosplayer Chronicles series, featuring “The Chainmail Chick” by our pals @ Distractotron.

Previous Episodes:

Episode 1 : Honor Herrera
Episode 2: Sean


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    • Doesn't need to though. What about the Renaissance era and after? Sword play in clothing, or the Golden Age of Piracy where people used sword and fun together…. in clothing.

      Armor is for grinding it out in the crushing masses of armies against armies. Mostly from Roman and earlier times, but still somewhat in Medieval Europe.

      One could argue that a Viking isn't properly covered for protection (when alone) because he wasn't in full plate. Granted, a big difference between a shield bearing Viking warrior and a girl in a bikini, but the point is, there are different armors and levels of armor for different times and purposes (and bank accounts).

      If you're good enough, and fighting one on one battles, then you can afford to make your "armor" little more than an article of style. That in itself can be intimidating (and for a woman, distracting to male opponents). So, there actually are positive points to this sort of thing (even though I think we can all say it started purely for modern visual lust),

      • Yes it can intimidate. I found the less armour I have the better it works., Or it could be the visual of someone that looks like a slightly taller Gimli running at you naked waving a sword and shouting Khazad-Ai-Menu!, might be just universally frightening ..

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