This Is a 15-Acre QR Code Corn Maze

That’s it, farmers. The Kraay Family Farm in Alberta, Canada, just set a new bar. Keep the hayrides and scarecrows, but don’t act like fall fun can’t get a 21st-century update.

This corn maze, which covers an area of 15 acres total, has a 7-square-acre QR code right in the middle. You can scan it, too, but only if you’re Felix Baumgartner or in an airplane. (The code leads directly to the Kray Family Farm website.)

Naturally, the QR code is of record-setting size, clocking in at 14 times larger than the previous record-holding code. (Yeah, we didn’t know “Largest QR Code” was a record people were vying for, either. The more you know.)

[The FW]