Anastasiya Shpagina: Real-Life “Anime Girl” [Video]

Meet Anastasiya Shpagina, a 19-year-old from Ukraine, who uses camera angles and make-up tricks to look like a living, breathing anime character.

Check out this [non-English] video tutorial, where Anastasiya demonstrates one of her make-up looks:

[Via Guy Speed]

12 Responses to Anastasiya Shpagina: Real-Life “Anime Girl” [Video]

  1. Kudos to her. However, if I saw her walking down the street. It would take every ounce of civility I have remaining in my head not to freak out.

    For some reason my brain can't register that she's a real person.

  2. And she's friends with the living barbie girl, it seems. I thought it was the same girl for a minute, but looking through her pics I saw them together. Super weird, but whatever floats her (their) boat.

  3. That's amazing. She could make bank with the techniques she's developed. And, nerd boy that I am, I really hope this look takes off. Hm, I might have watched too much anime as a teenager, it seems to have warped my fragile little mind…

    • I'm a nerd boy too but I don't like anime… so I hope it DOESN'T take off. She looks too weird to me. I wouldn't say that all nerds are into this, just the ones who REALLY have a boner for anime.

  4. If she feels confident doing this, go for it girl. In my opinion though, this shows that appearances don't translate over well into real life. Incorporating anime works well; copying anime not so much-a little too uncanny valley.

  5. Her lower eyelids look like cuts, like someone slashed her eyes with a razor just under her pupils. That’s the only thing that bothers me. Otherwise, from a distance she does look like an anime girl.

  6. My husband and I are at odds over this one. He thinks it looks cool, I think it looks creepy. To me, there are just some things that don't translate well back into "real life" and the anime look is one of them.

    I do admit, however, that it's remarkable she figured out how to pull this off…..

  7. i love how far she goes for animes im a big anime nerd myself but really anime girls look better in animes to bad noone will ever look like them :P then i might actually be interested in dating guess ill stick with games and animes

  8. Let's make this into a trend. We have IRL Barbie, IRL anime babes (they all look the same to me) and IRL Jessica Rabbit. I say let's take this to its logical conclusion: IRL Miss Piggy.

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