Maddox, aka Mr. The Best Page in the Universe, Thinks Geeks are NOT Sexy

This is hilarious. I’ll just leave this link here. If you want to get to the actual part where Maddox is “talking” about us, you’ll need to scroll down a little, right before the end of the article.


Yeah, so I guess geeks are sexy now, because when I think “geek,” I think of a supermodel sitting seductively on the lip of her chair, wearing red heels, a skirt hiked up her thighs and a hot red shirt. What a fucking nerd! Get a life, loser! And just like every geek I’ve ever known, she has her Macbook (hah!) perched precariously on her lap, fingers staunchly on the FKEYS—where most people do their serious computing:

Well someone forgot to give the “nerds-are-sexy” memo to my friends, because most of them are nerds and none of them are getting laid. Here’s a quick rule of thumb: if you don’t have to make an effort to get laid, you’re not a nerd. Yes, that means the more attractive you are, the less right you have to call yourself a nerd. I know there are some exceptions, and I know some “real” nerds who are hot, but they’re practically mythical. That’s why it’s called a “quick rule of thumb,” so you suck-ass crybabies can spare me your suck-ass crying.

Update: Of course, I cannot entirely disagree with him when it comes to the lady featured on top of the site, but for the rest, he’s just trying to troll us. :) I’ve been looking into replacing her for ages, but she unfortunately became connected with the “brand.”

If anyone has suggestions, or if any graphic designers want to offer an alternative, I’ll gladly look into replacing her! All I need is a transparent png measuring 200X265. I’ll gladly link back to the designer’s website if anyone is willing to provide a replacement!

Thoughts? :) (Please stay polite, geeks know how to discuss intelligently, right? :))

[You’re not a nerd, geeks aren’t sexy and you don’t “fucking love” science]

81 Responses to Maddox, aka Mr. The Best Page in the Universe, Thinks Geeks are NOT Sexy

  1. I like how he conflates "geek" and "nerd" interchangeably like they're the same freaking thing. I just makes his rambling seem even more inane.

    GEEKS (folks who are heavily invested — time, money, energy — into a hobby or interest) can be sexy. Has he seen the cosplay ladies posted on this site? Wowsers.

    I now question the validity of his argument or the point he was trying to make.

    • This is exactly my argument. Nerds are typically associated with being unattractive. And why is getting laid suddenly the measurement of how big a geek you are? I, for example, am a geek for board games. I look forward to GenCon every year more than Christmas. I have no problems getting laid. I just don't see how those 2 have any type of correlation.

      As for the site. Keep the image. There's nothing wrong with it. Don't take offense to some middle-aged, divorced dad of 3 trying to get page views by pandering to the idea that hot chicks are trying to take advantage of the geeks.

  2. Isn’t he just adorable with his cute Lil self gratifying rant. I just want to squeeze him so tight. Seriously buddy. I’m sorry you feel that way, we aren’t all pretty, but we know a good thing when we see it. Maybd take a look at the selfless dedication at the effort some of these customers put in, or the got who runs this site…might not be ‘science’ but it takes a geek to apply themselves in such a way to produce these things.

  3. Aww gee… I forgot that geeks, nerds and scientists are not allowed to have fun and be silly or like sexy things by the UN directive. Aww well, back to splitting molecules and look serious and frown a lot.

  4. Love the logic error – "the people I know who are geeks or nerds aren't getting laid, therefore no geeks can possibly be sexy." Way to exhibit selection bias.

  5. Maddox has some valid points, in a cranky "Get off my Lawn!" fashion. It's the same sort of whine we hear from hardcore raiders that bemoan that 10-man raids just aren't legit (and subsequently pine away for the glory days of pre-raid logistics (i.e.: finding 40 other bodies on an underpopulated server). Ah, those were the days, when only a few of us wore purples…).

    For Maddox, it's about protecting a culture of exclusivity. That culture has more cache now that the formerly derisive labels of geek/nerd/etc are losing their stigma. If it really was about "fucking loving" science, then he wouldn't give a rusty aforementioned fuck because he'd be off "doing science" himself (without apparent personal hygiene) – not being hall monitor for those folk bringing a little mainstream sensibility to the priesthood.

    Keep calm and carry on.

  6. Well yeah – if you're going to define "Geek" as "person who isn't sexy", then of course geeks aren't going to be sexy. Of course, if you define it the way *geeks* define it – person with an obsessively detailed interest in esoteric subjects, particularly of pop culture, science and technology – then you get Felicia Day. 'Nuff said.

    • Yes. 6-7 years ago the guy basically ruled the Internet. Then he disappeared (became a radio show host or something). But don't worry, reading the comments it seems like most people here are not familiar with his masterpieces otherwise they would know better than try to prove him wrong :)

  7. Meh, what are ya gonna do? No matter what is online there will be trolls like this guy complaining but the key is that he's either over compensating and/or never gets laid due his trollish ways in the real world.

  8. So I have myself thought the same thing about the pretty lady that stares at me each time I visit this site but hey! Geeks are still sexy ;) even if its in awkward ways sometimes like being socially awkward or whatever it may be!

    Sometimes I refer to myself as a gnerd cause I fall to both the geek and nerd side at times

  9. You can't take Maddox seriously. Clearly he doesn't understand geek culture. However is rant is at least partially right. Being a 'geek' has become cool or at least socially acceptable lately. There are a lot of people hopping on board that train that would have never shown their love of science, geek culture, etc back when it was less cool.
    "I fucking love science" does post a lot of stuff that isn't science, but its at least science related most of the time. He's wrong on geeks no being able to be attractive, or attractive people being geeks. Plenty of people who are physically attractive are able to legitimately able to call themselves geeks or even nerds. I think the primary thing he's missing when we talk about geeks being sexy is that he might say "Look at the tits on that girl!" we would be more likely to say "Look at the brain on that girl!"

    • Uh….Maddox is one of the oldest pillars of Geekdom on the Internet. His satrical work goes back into the late 90s, and is steeped in a tradition of preservation of good geek values. Unless geek culture has walked away from SU, VI, Unix, Pine, SSH, etc, which he promotes quite proudly. He hits the nail on the head with his points, and you help drive home the problem. People hopping on board the train to show their love of science, in that it is a false love in order to attempt to seem intelligent without any ambition to do any work or truly appreciate anyone who actually does. Twittering on your iPhone about BSG does not make you a geek. That being said, nobody was looking at the model in the picture and thinking "Look at the brain on that girl!", partially because there is exactly ZERO evidence to indicate anything about her brainpower, and in all truth plenty to prove the inverse based on the points he made.

  10. There are TONS of sexy geeks out there (Clare Grant & Michele Boyd anybody?). In fact I'm sure there are many sexy geeks who subscribe to this site, why don't you just start asking them to submit photos? Maybe come up with a full on logo design, then have the photos rotate or something like that? In fact I think I'll spend some time next week and see if I can design something interesting. Put a call out to designers and photographers. I'm sure you'll get tons of responses.

  11. *shrug*

    Whatever. I find arguments like this kind of amusing.

    It's not enough to be a geek (or nerd or dork or whatever you were called growing up). You have to be the *right* kind of geek.

    How this makes the Internet different than high school – where being a "geek" was to be banished to Social Siberia – I have no idea.

    Live your life in a way that doesn't hurt people and makes you happy. That's pretty much all you can – and should – do.

  12. I don't like the girl/women/model in the header as well ;) She looks kinda boring to me… I would love the see a "GAS Reader of the month/year" instead! This would be really nice ;) and I think there are a lot of sexy ladys and gentlemen out there!

  13. Why not have a "guest" geek pose for your header each month. And that person doesn't have to be seductively clothed to be sexy. One post could be dedicated to them and why they're sexy. It doesn't have to be a contest, no pressure on anyone to choose a "best of" for the month, and there'll [hopefully] be no pissing contest on the chosen geek as it's not a contest. Trolls will be trolls though…

  14. Well I I just tried to visit his site to see the whole article but my works filter blocked it under the category of tasteless. That gives you a little idea of what kid of material this guy posts. He's just on the prowl to trash anything he can. Besides there is nothing wrong with the model that can't type. She merely represents the sexyness of geekdom, not the people who are geeks. At least that's my opinion.

    • I like your comment: "She merely represents the sexyness of geekdom, not the people who are geeks."

      In much the same way I pursue loving my wife (spending time with her, learning about her, playing games with her, etc.), I pursue the math and physics behind my dissertation (spending time with it, learning about it, plaing games with it, etc.). The logo represents how we visualize these things we are passionate about. In a similar way we find a girl attractive, we often find science attractive (outside of the having sex with it… hopefully).

      I think the logo should stay.

  15. The real guy behind Maddox is a total geek and a hell of a nice guy. He understands geek culture. His alter ego "Maddox" is just an outlet to screw around on the internet and write some funny stuff that's mostly farcical, overblown commentary with a few nuggets of truth.

    • Literally the only person who gets it, seriously people don't take the internet too seriously or you'll have an aneurysm.

    • That's correct. The other commenters are obviously new to the Internet… or we are too old and the only people to remember when Maddox owned the Internet.

  16. The guy's a pretentious douche. Don't give him the time of day. Of course, geeks are sexy; how else would we have something like the Internet if they weren't?

  17. What if you're not a geek or a nerd and can't get laid? what are you besides a loser ? that's what I am and I can't find a category where I fit in other than a GAS reader!

  18. Hmm, maybe this guy is underestimating peoples love of geeky things. Given eight of the top ten movies of all time (US only, not adjusted for inflation) are either sci-fi or comic book related. And yes, there are a few people out there interested in techy gadgets, like the iPhone.

    And his derision of the Mac rubs me the wrong way. What? He doesn't think an OS based on FreeBSD, NetBSD and Mach isn't sufficiently technical? Personally, I've developed software on Linux, Windows, and Mac, and I rather like Mac a fair bit.

    • I like all Operating Systems, really. I don't quite understand why everyone has to "take sides" on OS. But I guess that's part of being a Geek–liking something obsessively to the exclusion of all other things.

    • Really a true geek would not ever take sides in any OS war. They are all just tools, we use them to control our machines, nothing more, nothing less.

    • You do realize that non of his arguments about Mac or Apple as a company or product have anything to do with the OS or architecture, right? He primarily focuses on the culture surrounding it. I have two macs, and 8 core PC, two PC laptops, and a 72 core beowulf in my house. I've developed software for all of them, and I don't take offense or get rubbed wrong when I face down the limitations of any of the systems (they all have them) because they are tools. If you think Mac is without limitations, problems, issues, or that the idea that someone pointing any of them out rubs you the wrong way, then you might need to look at your attachment of ego to physical things.

      Additionally, associated the notion that people "love geeky things", thus validating them as geeks/nerds is part of his satirical point. You have people who "love" all sorts of "geeky things", but then flick over to Jersey Shore, and DWTS while simultaneously not caring to put any time into actually learning anything scientific. The key there is that those two points are not mutually exclusive. It is not saying that watching those shows means you are not a geek or nerd (Though I would be a bit suspicious personally), it means if those things rank as a priority to the exclusion of intellectual pursuits then it is a conflict. Case in point, eight of the top ten movies of all time are sci-fi or comic book related, and the vast bulk of the viewers didn't give much of a shit about them before a highly expensive and glossy veneer was pasted on them by Hollywood.

  19. keep it the way it is, if you're going to change it do it because it's time for a redesign, not because some troll on the internet doesn't like it. I agree with you, it's kinda become a brand and part of the site, leave it. :D

  20. I found her a bit outputting when I first started visiting this site myself. Geeks can definitely be sexy the problem is that NOTHING about her says geek to me.

  21. According to Lifeslittlemysteries and several other sites, Harvard discovered that there is a connection between how intelligent one are and how good looking one are (, under "looking smart). Smart people, at least, are sexy.
    My interpretation of "geek" has always been a nerd with social skills, a person who is very interested and skilled in at least one subject, highly intelligent and, contrary to nerds, also are succesful with people.
    However, Wikipedia disagrees, stating that geeks are people with a huge interest for a hobby and are "a peculiar or otherwise dislikable person, esp[ecially] one who is perceived to be overly intellectual".

    Anyway, it would, as with so many cases, depend on the definition, in this case both of geek and sexy.
    I've met many girls who are absolutely enthralled by my huge selection of psychofacts, while others just stare at me like I'm some kind of freak.

    • I was a male model for a short time when I was about 18-20,

      I am now a CCIE Network Architect and have a PHD in CS.

      Guess 'nerd/geek' and ugly don;t really work out.

      Now that being said as I have aged I am a bearded fat dude. ;) Guess I am like "blossom".

      I far more value my intellect and what is has made for me, than my body which is essentially a meat sack for my brain, anytime.

      And I get laid regularly cause I make bank!

      (ands he is hot!)

  22. It seems like a lot of the posters here really don’t get Maddox. Read his books, or his website. He is huge on satire and pointing out the stupid behaviors and assumptions most people make. Don’t get all butthurt because he called out the supermodel. The whole post is actually hilarious, like most of the things he writes. So read the Alphabet of Manliness and grow a pair.

    • Hes making an assumption that all nerds and geeks have to be gross, ugly basement dwellers. If they aren't they have to be hipsters and fake. Your interests and obsessions aren't dictated by your physical genes.

  23. Honestly, I started reading this site because I saw a hot chick at the top. I know that is going to come off as really shallow, but I have to admit, it's the first thing that caught my eye. Obviously, I have continued to read the site because of the awesome content but the first thing was the girl. I think it should stay.

  24. Eh, six of one, half dozen the other, though I didn't read the bulk of his article. There is some truth in his words to the effect of the near fetishistic approach pop culture has had to geek and nerd culture, one not completely parsable from the other, though many try to cleave a divide through performative means. But we've all encountered the faux geek, the pseudonerd. In the end, these people show their true colors, often in my experiences being hipsters. However, about getting laid, there's more truth to that than most wish, but it's a more complex social issue than just saying we're not getting any action, and that's not saying we lack skills. Some just lack the time, energy, or available and viable options needed for the repeated failure and sporadic success that is romance. Not a pretty picture, but it's all in one's perspective.

  25. So enjoying a type of culture makes you ugly and effects your personal hygiene and chances to get laid? I'm sure he thinks all gay mean wear pink sparkle tops, and lesbians wear lumberjack outfits (or they aren't REAL gays).
    This guy seems like he uses the cultures stereotypes as an excuse, and now that its becoming more popular, the image of the BO reeking basement-dweller isn't relevant anymore, he's on the outs.

  26. We have so many sexy talented cosplayers featured on this site, why can't we use some of those with their permission of course. I can smell a competition coming on! :)

  27. You all are missing the point. Maddox's article isnt' even about nerds being sexy. The point of the article is the near fetishization of geek culture.

    Its becoming "cool" to be a nerd. Everyone and their grandmother who has plugged in ram or played a playstation thinks they are a nerd now. 19 year old girls wearing fake plastic glasses without lenses and going "Hur dur im such a nerd" because she played Super Mario Bros. on her boyfriend's emulator. Being a nerd *used* to mean something, as maddox stated, it was about having an obsession with something, an obsession with something that to others was mundane or stupid. But to you, it your life. You people are so blinded by the jokes and potshots that you miss the point of the article. True nerdyness is dying, its becoming just another part of pop culture, being replaced by hipster nerdyness.

    • There's always going to be people who turn it into some stupid hipster thing. The point HE is missing, is that its becoming more socially acceptable. More people are comfortable in their interests, and people who would usually avoid it because of social reasons, are embracing it. With that will always come the hipsters and fakes, but Id prefer a handful of those then it going back to that negative stereotype people have of geeks and nerds. Which is just as bad as stereotyping anyone who doesn't fit the old one as 'hipsters'.

      • Should things like science become extremely popular if in the end it turns into stupid facebook pages like Maddox mentioned? It is contrary to the point of science if the things that are supposedly *supporting* it just spread misinformation. Like calling Dwarf Planets actual planets. Perhaps simply to make an interesting post because it has that "wow i was wrong all along" factor. It defeats the purpose of science to have people who aren't going to bother to fact check their infographics because they dont *really* care about the subject, they are just trying to have a popular page.

        I'm going to start a website called "i freaking love comics" but only post inaccurate story lines and image macros. The people reading the site wont care about the inaccuracies because they freaking love when i post a photo of deadpool leaning against a brick wall eating a bologna sandwich.

  28. The biggest difference between a geek and a nerd is that nerds are usually the annoying type that have to point everything you say correctly. As in they are grammer police, speech police…etc. They tend to lack more social skills. Where as geeks, we can be factual people, we don't tend to correct everything someone says. And we are not always into science as much as a nerd is.

    Example our hobby might be something like being a star wars person. Where as a nerds hobby, he may like star wars, but his hobby usually consist of talking about science in words that almost no one else understands.

    A good example is the guy from youtube named Vsauce. He reminds me of a nerd more then a geek. Also geeks tend to go to comiccon in outfits that do't have to be perfect. Where as a nerd won't go unless every inch of his costume is perfect. Also even though nerds use computers, geeks tend to love them more.

    Then we have dorks, which I don't qualify at all to be in the category of nerd/geek. They are more the type like Napoleon Dynamite. They are usually more clumsy and while they can be smart you can tell they are dorks since they get picked on the most in schools by the jocks. Geeks get picked on a bit to at school, and nerds… well they get picked on to but because of their intelligence they can get back at a jock and make them look stupid.

    • I would like to propose the following RFC on – Geek/Nerd/Dork definition. V. 1.0:

      A Geek is a person in a high tech/science field who has skills, and tends to be semi-normal* to the layperson. The tend to be , at least, a minimum level, to be socially adequate to interact with others on a day-to day basis.. They tend to be high IQ or Geniuses, and can field well paying jobs. Some Geeks are Nerds as well, due to social ineptitude. <see Sheldon Cooper>

      A nerd is a person who is obsessed with a topic (or a few) without skills and few social skills. They are generally middle to good intelligence, with a few geniuses. Some Nerds are also Dorks or Geeks.

      A dork is a socially awkward person of not very high IQ, but yet strives to be a nerd. Some are Nerds as well.

      <end of file>

  29. Don't take down the logo because of this tongue in cheek article, if you do so people like that will win.

    While I never thought the woman as a 'geek' and always thought it made the site a bit like a cheesy dating site, well by gods it is my site too and I don't take kindly to those pressuring to change it.

    I say keep the log, and add a caption like"don't fuck with us geeks, we know your IP". or some such.

  30. You all are missing the point. Maddox's article isnt' even about nerds being sexy. The point of the article is the commodification of geek culture. Its about how EVERYONE is a nerd now. The bit at the end just just like the the parting shot for a little extra ha-ha. The point of the article is about nerd now just losing what makes it what it is. Being a Nerd is being a social outcast. Being a nerd is being so self-absorbed in what you do that you couldn't care Its about how every teenage girl is now taking photos with plastic glasses that have no lenses and saying "oh i am such a nerd" becuase they "like to read" or because they played super mario brothers on their boyfriends emulator. Being nerdy used to mean something, now its just becoming another fad to be chewed up and spat out by pop culture. First it happened to the Punks. nows it happening to the Nerds/Geeks.

    • "Yes, that means the more attractive you are, the less right you have to call yourself a nerd". He's pretty much saying that depending on how you're born, it defines whether you CAN be care less about what people think, or be a social outcast. And those things don't make you a nerd. Its just another stereotype.

  31. I have to say a couple of thing (More that 2 actually):

    1) I think Maddox doesn't have clue of anything, it's not one of us.
    2) Don't change the lady featured on top of the site, when I see it I think in "Geeks are Sexy" instanly.
    3) Nowdays I have a pretty hot lady living with me, she's my girlfriend and she likes Robotech (She knows more than me about the topic) she's watching Fringe with me and she gets it!!!

    For all of us geeks I say that, you guys don't have to be good looking in order to get a hot girl, make her laugh, be funny (not a clown) caught her attention, like been unpredictable, don't be boring, take her out (not dinner or anything too fancy, at least at the beginning) get the weird talk out of your language, take the fucking hands out of your pockets, stand up straight, dress normally (The superheros shirt just if you are sure she likes that stuff) The rest, investigate yourselfs. I did it and look at where I am now

  32. Maddox is always right. Always. Also seems like people don't know one of the biggest names in satirical humor on the internet, not to mention he's a best selling author.

  33. I don't think chair lady is strongly associated to the brand at all – although, yeah, there is a connection.

    If you're worried swap her out with a more obviously geek character also on a chair. Heck. You could probably even have someone draw you something.

    I'd love to see you have a rotation of pictures – that proves the point – lots of sexy geeks. In fact, why not even run a competition (prize; to be featured) where the pose must be sitting on a chair with some tech.

  34. I love this website, the cosplay and the lady hammering the F keys in the logo. Apart from F1, the F Keys are the geekiest keys on the keyboard. I don't know many models who know how to refresh a webpage using a keyboard shortcut. How many models can look sexily are the camera AND enter CMOS during bootup?

    The girl should stay.

  35. Maddox needs to check out the model "Lutetium Yang".

    She's a working biochemist that graduated with high honours, and a massive Star Wars and and Wedon geek.
    She cosplays, and not always as the sexy attention grabbing ones (although her Slave Leiah is pretty faptacular). She's also on the XKCD merch site as one of the Tshirt models, and has previously been a "Window Display " in my store.

    And true she's an exception, not the rule, but she's a fantastic example of geeks that ARE sexy.

  36. Do not touch her! If you replace her, I'll stop reading your site. :)

    If you are seriously considering replacing her, at least make a higher resolution picture available for download. I've been in love with her forever. :)

  37. Well. You could make a contest! With real geeks sending you pictures, using the computer or something like that and open the votes on your site. The winner get the top and maybe some gift from your sponsors… I don't know, I'm brainstorming here! lol Than, nobody will contest the title anymore! I think that Geeks can be sexy. I play D&D until today, have tons of comics and games around and I still hit the gym three or four times a week.

  38. Regarding the GAS logo woman…. I'd advocate for a woman who is actually feminine and sexy – ie, a girl with _curves_, not scrawny skin and bones. Most places call then "plus sized", but in truth, there is nothing "extra" about them, they are just right.

    Girls like the model in this commercial (might be NWS) –

  39. I think that in average, geeks/nerds aren't sexy. Go to a regular Star Trek convention, and count the number of sexy people in a random sample. Then go sit on a park bench, and see how many sexy people are in a sample of the same size.

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