Maddox, aka Mr. The Best Page in the Universe, Thinks Geeks are NOT Sexy

This is hilarious. I’ll just leave this link here. If you want to get to the actual part where Maddox is “talking” about us, you’ll need to scroll down a little, right before the end of the article.


Yeah, so I guess geeks are sexy now, because when I think “geek,” I think of a supermodel sitting seductively on the lip of her chair, wearing red heels, a skirt hiked up her thighs and a hot red shirt. What a fucking nerd! Get a life, loser! And just like every geek I’ve ever known, she has her Macbook (hah!) perched precariously on her lap, fingers staunchly on the FKEYS—where most people do their serious computing:

Well someone forgot to give the “nerds-are-sexy” memo to my friends, because most of them are nerds and none of them are getting laid. Here’s a quick rule of thumb: if you don’t have to make an effort to get laid, you’re not a nerd. Yes, that means the more attractive you are, the less right you have to call yourself a nerd. I know there are some exceptions, and I know some “real” nerds who are hot, but they’re practically mythical. That’s why it’s called a “quick rule of thumb,” so you suck-ass crybabies can spare me your suck-ass crying.

Update: Of course, I cannot entirely disagree with him when it comes to the lady featured on top of the site, but for the rest, he’s just trying to troll us. :) I’ve been looking into replacing her for ages, but she unfortunately became connected with the “brand.”

If anyone has suggestions, or if any graphic designers want to offer an alternative, I’ll gladly look into replacing her! All I need is a transparent png measuring 200X265. I’ll gladly link back to the designer’s website if anyone is willing to provide a replacement!

Thoughts? :) (Please stay polite, geeks know how to discuss intelligently, right? :))

[You’re not a nerd, geeks aren’t sexy and you don’t “fucking love” science]