QUESTION: What would you like to do if money were no object? [Video]

So dear readers, what would YOU like to do if money were no object? Let us know in the comments section below!

Thanks Peter!


18 Responses to QUESTION: What would you like to do if money were no object? [Video]

  1. I would go to all the Cons and gaming industry meetups so that i can gain a foot hold in the industry. Also, buy all of the collectors editions of all the games that come out

  2. I would love to buy a big, old church and turn it into my house and use one of the wings for my own personal library! There would be glass windows all around for plenty of natural light, a big leather recliner in the center of it all and NPR / classical music playing 24 / 7!

  3. Buy Apple in its entirety, and shut the f**kers down completely to stop their rabid "let's control all technology via frivolous patents" regime.

  4. Buy a brewery and distillery to make the best damned beer and whiskey in the world.
    Open an amusement park and build ten of the top ten roller coasters in the world.
    Fund the research, development and construction of transorbital vehicles (space shuttles) that could ferry passengers to an orbital amusement park/hotel that serves the best damned beer and whiskey in space….

  5. Thanks for the video, very inspiring.
    Well, my answer is write, I do it know, but for others, so I guess if I didn't need the money I could do it for my own.
    Congrats for the blog, I'm a big fan!

  6. Buy a small plane, fly in every country I could, giving people rides for free and change their perspective for one day, sleep in a little town, and fly to the next town in the morning to start all over again.

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