IT Pros + Zombie Apocalypse + SpiceWorks = WIN! [Video]

Another year, another Zombie-themed short film by the people @ Spiceworks. (You can check out last year’s video right here!)

Deader. Creepier. And even more brain-hungry. It’s Zombies II! Rejoin your favorite IT heroes, Kris and Knox, in the ultimate zombie battle. Is the Spiceworks core the secret key to complete zombie annihilation? And will they ever find the central data center? And what’s with Knox’s eye? Tune in to find out!

If you’re an IT pro and are really into system management, be sure to check out Spiceworks. Before I started blogging full time, I worked as a Sysadmin for 15 years and Spiceworks was pretty much my favorite free system management tool. And no, this is not an ad, just a personal endorsement of an awesome product.