Top 5 Nintendo Games That Ruined Friendships [Video]

Hey geeks! Are there any other games you’d add to this list, even if they’re NOT Nintendo games? Let us know in the comments section below!


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  1. Contra – 2nd Player sucks, dies out then starts stealing your lives!

    Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers – Fun platformer, until your friend pisses you off and you pick up his character. Carry him around. Either A) Tossing him into a pit for instant death, B) Into damage, or C) Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down.

  2. The one time I played …I’m not even sure, it was a pokemon game for the n64, destroyed a friendship. I played as some guy who could use these really wicked flamethrower attacks. So I used them. Apparently, that’s not ok.

    Also worth noting, Mortal Combat.

  3. In Fable 2, a friend joined another friend's game to help out with a quest. He tried to get a prostitute to go into a house with him, but she refused. The host grabbed her, took her to Bowerstone, and got her into his bed. When the cutscene was over, the disgruntled ally murdered the hooker and sent a tornado through town square, then left, leaving the blame to the host. As an added bonus, the prostitute had aids.

  4. Rampage. You'd try to the destroy the city together but eventually it devolves into punching each other and then eating the small weak fleshling your friend turned into.

  5. so glad goldeneye made it and the oddjob comment! damn oddjob then putting slappers only with really low health dude was impossible to beat

  6. Haha, I was so sure that New Super Mario Bros Wii was going to make 1st place! The game where you're SUPPOSED to cooperate, but keep messing up for each other by bouncing on each others' heads, blocking each others' paths and taking each others' powerups. Someone's going to moan about everyone else dragging him down; someone else is going to be all "whatevs" and start trolling the other players… And when THAT happens, there is simply no end to the chaos.
    I have literally hit one of my friends with the wiimote playing this game, after he willfully threw me into a bob-omb.

  7. Perfect Dark of 64. Between the peace bot, camping, proximity mines, laptop gun, the x-RAY CANNON, THE FRAKKIN CAMP SPOTS GALORE!!! ARRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!

    Good times.

  8. Forsaken 64. It's frustrating enough to play on your own without someone camping and or stalking you around every corner. Then again, I don't think Forsaken was popular enough to make this list.

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