Your Favorite Game Characters Have a Case of the Zombies [T-Shirts]

Our pals at Splitreasons, the awesome people who take care of manufacturing our t-shirts, have just released a series of really cool video games/zombies-themed t-shirts just in time for Halloween! Check them all out below, and be sure to use promo code “geeksaresexy” to get 10% off your order if you decide to get one!

The Legend of Zombie T-Shirt – $15 (10% Off with Promo Code “geeksaresexy)

What does Link enjoy more than an ice cold glass of milk and some delicious cookies? Hearts and brains of course, as he seems to have fallen ill with a zombie infection!

Zombie’s Dream Land T-Shirt – $15 (10% Off with Promo Code “geeksaresexy)

Kirby has always sucked, but this evil variation is sucking on a new kind of nutrition, the one that stores your memories. Sweet dreams.

Zombie Man T-Shirt – $15 (10% Off with Promo Code “geeksaresexy)

After the apocalypse, with verbal slurs and a general lack of motor skills, Zombie Man has switched sides and requested that Mr. Wily provide a new arm prototype, intentionally crafted for brain removal.