Secret Spy App Made by US Navy

In Crane, Indiana, the Naval Warfare Surface Centre has revealed an app that shows you just how dangerous malware can be in the world of such intelligent phones. The app called PlaceRaider can take photos randomly while running in the background – you would never know it was happening. These photos can then be rendered on a central server and stitched together to reconstruct where the phone has been.

The app makes good tactical sense – hack into the bad guy’s phone and you can pretty much figure out where their base of operations is and what it’s like on the inside. However, it’s terrifying for the general public, especially for someone with a “secret admirer” (aka stalker). The app could be hidden in the depths of a seemingly awesome free camera-based app that has access to your camera whenever it likes. Someone, anyone could be watching you. Not to make you paranoid about downloading Instagram or anything…

Of course, if your phone is in your pocket most of the time, or the camera is face down on a table, it’s not really gonna catch much is it?

The app currently works on any smartphone that runs Android 2.3, but the concept can still apply to iOS and Windows Phone systems. Beware what apps you (or your children) are downloading – take the time to do your research and read reviews.

Even if it doesn’t turn out to have creepy sensor malware attached to it, you may find that it’s not a good app anyway!

[Via Geeky Gadgets]