Cuteness Invades the Kitchen with Handmade Aprons

Etsy seller Darling Army specializes in “custom cosplay aprons and pinafores” and her motto “an invasion of cuteness” is not an overexaggeration!

Look at how adorable these are! She has a lot more designs on her Etsy page, so check her out!

[Via The Mary Sue]

4 Responses to Cuteness Invades the Kitchen with Handmade Aprons

  1. They're really cute but not that practical. I would modify the designs a bit to include pockets and make them a little longer. Also, the Nightmare for Christmas one could NEVER be used to actually cook. The netting used on the top (as cute as it is, I do love them, honestly) would catch on fire or at least melt :P I suppose we can just wear these and pretend to cook haha. Love the concept though, brilliant :) xx

  2. I love these especially the mario bros plant one.

    If only I could get my wife to wear things like this….. but after 4 years of marriage and 2 kids it is hard to get her to wear anything but baggy sweat pants and yesterday's stained tshirt.

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