I have the worse luck with gadgets [Pic]

Someone over at 9gag posted this horrible picture, and all I can say is: Ouch, there’s at least a few thousand dollars worth of broken gadgets in there. The screen of my new iPad is slightly cracked on its bottom left, thanks to my kids, but I’ve learned my lesson now, which is never to leave anything worth more than a few hundred dollars in the hands of young kids without supervision.


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  1. Aaand that's why I have an Otter Box on my Galaxy Nexus. I think I have a scratch on the screen, very minor, but not cracked like those.

    • I work with people with disabilities and some of the ones with autism have iPads with Otter Boxes. I've seen them drop the iPad and it is still intact. No scratches or cracks.

  2. thats what you get for buying apple products that don't have stronger glass. other products stay away from the aluminum body because the screen will crack easier when the frame that supports it doesn't have any give. plastic frames won't get bent from being dropped.

  3. Or you could spring for a decent case and, you know, not drop stuff. ;-) Sometimes it can't be helped but that picture up there is just ridiculous. I've had a 3gs and a 4, and I worked with kids. I let one use my 4 for the calculator during tutoring and she dropped it. The case got scratched but my phone was fine. Same with the 3GS. That got dropped several times by kids (& once it was knocked out of my hands during a rec game) and it was the case that took the damage. Just traded the 3GS in under "like new" condition at Gamestop because I was fanatical about keeping it in a strong case. Worth the extra $40 or so.

  4. Bad luck, really?
    "To lose one parent, Mr Worthing, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness."

  5. People I've talked to that don't get cases say it makes the phone ugly.. It is pretty, but there are also pretty cases. Plus it's too thin, I feel like I'll break it when I'm holding someone's iPhone. I have an LG slider and it looks so small without the fish-bone case on it (and it's thick compared to the iPhone and my cousin's Droid Razr, which he finally got a case for after breaking it twice). The iPhone has like the widest variety of cases of any phone, there are so many ways to express yourself and protect it at the same time.

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