World of Warcraft at center of election race

A New England state senate candidate has been “outed” as a World of Warcraft player. Opponents say her backstabbing tactics in the game “raise questions about [her] fitness for office.

A press release by the Maine Republican party begins ” Colleen Lachowicz, the Democratic candidate for State Senate District 25 (Waterville), has been living a time-consuming double life as a member of the World of Warcraft community…. Today, Colleen is playing at level 85–the highest level one can attain.”

Outing her in-game character, an Orc Assassin Rogue called Santiaga, the press release accuses Lachowicz of living vicariously through the game.

The party has also set up a dedicated website for listing Lachowicz’s online comments and is sending out mailshots to voters in her district (pictured.)

Rather confusingly, the comments collated at the site don’t come from the game itself, but rather from Lachowicz’s account on discussion boards at the Daily Kos. It appears the quoted posts, some of which date back seven years, come from a mixture of both gaming and political discussion, though admittedly in a few cases the two do cross over:

Most of the time the random dungeon groups are pretty good… But ever one in a while you get the person who has no regard for the survival of the group. They want to get the dungeon done, top the meter, grab their loot and screw everyone else. These types are usually nasty in party chat as well. I tend to think of them as teabaggers.

In other posts, Lachowicz says she enjoys the game because she can “kill stuff without going to jail”, and says that virtually yelling obscenities “cracks me up.” The site argues that “In Colleen’s online fantasy world, she gets away with crude, vicious and violent comments like the ones below. Maine needs a State Senator that lives in the real world, not in Colleen’s fantasy world.”

Lachowicz has responded by calling her opponents out of touch, suggesting they are trying to distract voters from their own performance in office, and saying ” I think it’s weird that I’m being targeted for playing online games. Apparently I’m in good company since there are 183 million other Americans who also enjoy online games. What’s next? Will I be ostracized for playing Angry Birds or Words with Friends? If so, guilty as charged!”

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  1. Something to point out, her opponent came our quickly and defended her and condemned the tactic(for what its worth)
    and the site does list "NOT AUTHORIZED BY ANY CANDIDATE" at the bottom. I hope she gets elected, we need more MMO players in the house and senate, they prolly will get more done. We just need a elected official achievement system…

  2. The one thing that is bottering me is, how did they find out this? Who said it? I didnt get the assassin rogue thing and they forgot to tell if she is full pvp or pve… for the rest, i dont see a problem for she to be able to go to the senate.

    I think they reaaaallly though about this becoming public, but it can be either to loose by little, because of some old fashion thinkers or make her win with an astounding amount of votes… i hope its the latest, i really want to see what can become of her being in the senate

  3. Im really sorry, I don't understand where they even have a basis for this. My character in wow is a lvl 85 Discipline Priest.
    First Off,
    If you are basing someone's personality off of the character they play in WoW, your an Idiot. I am one of the most UNdisciplined, LEAST religious people you will ever meet. Yet I play a Healer?
    My personality has nothing to do with my class.

    Secondly, REALLY?!?!?!?
    That's the only thing you could come up with on your opponent?
    That she plays an MMO?
    Do you even know anything about MMO's ?
    Here's some facts for you:
    90% of the people who play WoW are men. And trust me, they aren't very accepting. The fact that she's a women, and can hold her own enough to do raids or Dungeons, is pretty impressive. There's not very many…
    If any thing, It kinda shows a bit of strength on her part, being able to do something on the same level as males in a prominently male dominated environment.

    Last but not least….
    Im pretty sure that if you looked up the people who came up with this uninformed, completely ignoratn campaign strategy, they'd probably be the people who wrote this :

    Get out of your box people….and you wonder why the rest of the world looks at us sideways most of the time.

  4. Just shows these people are out of touch. Perhaps if they spent more time on the real issues that the American people care about and less on trying to bad mouth their opponent they wouldn’t need to badmouth their opponent to make themselves look better. Because they can actually turn and say. I accomplished this for the American people which is why you should vote for me. But then again you can continue to argue with each other and only prove that you care more about fighting with each other than the American people.

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