The Mysterious Reality of Artist Kathy Tardif (Kardif)

Reinventing my Life – Click Picture to Enlarge

While celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary last week, my wife and I visited multiple art galleries in Baie-Saint-Paul and Quebec City to purchase our first “real” piece of art. So while admiring the work of various painters at the Beauchamp Art Galleries, we fell in love with a painting titled Reinventing my Life (pictured above on the wall of my dining room – 60″ X 40″) by self-taught artist and painter Kathy Tardif, or simply Kardif as she signs her canvas.

Kathy paints mostly with her hands, allowing her to come in direct contact with the medium she uses. For me, her work radiates peace, mystery, and sensuality, and can be interpreted in thousands of different ways. One day when I look at Reinventing my Life, I see a forest at twillight, with a waterfall splashing the bottom on the canvas . The other day, I see a city of the past, or the future, as seen through fog or mist. That’s what I really like about her art, it tells a different tale each time you look at it.

She describes her work as a blend between figurative and abstract art, but that doesn’t mean much to me; all I see is an object of beauty to be admired and cherished.

I invite you to check out Kathy’s website to learn more about her. Unfortunately, even though the site is bilingual (French and English), some parts of it have not been translated, but it won’t prevent you from enjoying her art.

[Kathy Tardif (Official Website) | Kardif on Facebook]