Shiny! ‘Serenity’-Themed Custom Converse!

Susan Moffett of Wibbly Wobbly Shoes has created a new line of ‘Serenity’-inspired high-tops, including one fashioned after Mr. Jayne Cobb himself!

Order your ‘shiny’ pair here, for $115! There’s also a TARDIS-inspired pair! Kids’ sizes, too!

[Via Etsy]


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    • Lol 'specially since you can go get the exact same customized pair off of converse's website for $45 cheaper.

      Buy yourself one patch for the side for $5 off ebay and youve saved yourself $40 + whatever the shipping blances out at. (Because they are charging for shipping FROM converse and then TO you, Im sure an added fee on top as well)

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