6 Foods That Will Make You Smarter [Video]

Great tips, cute geek. So basically, put these 6 ingredients, kale, beets, blueberries, apples, cayenne peppers, and anchovies in a juicer, and it’ll help improve your brain power while keeping it healthy at the same time!

Whether you’re studying for a test or just feeling like your brain needs an extra kick, try these foods that’ll boost your smarts.

[College Hacker by OEDB.org]

4 Responses to 6 Foods That Will Make You Smarter [Video]

  1. I'd be a bit iffy about a lot of this information, British journalist Ben Goldacre has written a lot about how dodgy a lot of this "brain food" data really is. For instance is it stratified by social class, gender etc? Is it double blind tested? Is there publication bias? Bearing in mind a lot of this stuff is funded by marketing departments for various food stuffs and then provided as free copy to journalists it is highly likely a lot of this stuff will be at the least exaggerated.

  2. I eat those things all the time… maybe that's why my IQ is staying put instead of deteriorating as I get older. All I know is that they're tasty, but there's no way I would eat them all in a smoothie together.

  3. I don't think using a juicer is best way to eat them, I think a blender is better. Because a juicer, as one would imagine, only keeps the juice, but with a blender you also get to eat the fibers which are very important especially for the beet's anti-constipation property. It's like for fruits too. I really enjoy fresh orange juice, but to get the most out of the orange you need to eat the flesh and fibers too :)

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