Things Our Grandkids Will Never Understand [Comic]

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  1. Im waiting for the point Im waiting for the point when someone at uni asks what that symbol is we push to save…

    Also, it may seem distant now, but with the rise of the kindle in full swing….How long till carrying round 650 pages in order to read a story becomes redundant?when someone at uni asks what that symbol is we push to save…

  2. magnetic media in general, 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disks in particular, POTS modems, 8 bit computers, CRTs … F$%K I'm about to cry.

  3. My daughter saw a movie with a video rental store, and they had VHS tapes, and she was totally confused about what the hell it was.

  4. Pensions? Well paying jobs? The notion of higher education as a public good that should be subsidised by the state? The countries of the Maldives, Holland and Bangladesh?

    • that is not true i can think of many games that are single player games that do not require registering online to play. Darksiders, Darksiders 2, boarderlands, boarderlands 2, my point is there are still single player games that do not require to register online.

      • You're right but his point is that it's heading in that direction, the question was about what our grandkids will experience, not what's around right now or 5 years ago.

  5. They had cd's but skipped over cassette's, 8track, &tc. Also, with the "mini" usb becoming ever more prominent, how much longer is the lifespan of the simple flash drive? I'd also add landlines (though "cordless phones" may have covered that one), phone books, and chalkboards/whiteboards (smart classrooms are becoming more affordable and more useful).

    • Cars with manual choke only die in America. In Europe most of the cars have it and I personally wouln’t want to drive without that :)

  6. Entertaining yourself outside with no electrical gadgets whatsoever. Football, bikes, to name a couple. I grew up with only 3 channels on the TV. I'm sure some people who will comment grew up with no TV at all. Theres another one for ya, the girl who used be on the BBC2 test card with the weird toys she had. One looked like slimer from the ghostbusters!

  7. Phones before blue tooth, computers that aren't touch screen, phones that aren't touch screen, phones that didnt play music, the nice old t.v.s and computer monitors that you didnt have to worry about breaking if a fly landed on them.

  8. Poetry, The WRITTEN language, Grammar, how to start a fire, how to make food from ingredients without instructions.

    Oh, and Kindle is bad, because in the contract you sign to use there "services" it states that even after you Purchase an Ebook, they can take it away from you without a refund at any time. Authors are able to remove their works from the service, and kindle is required to remove it from all media devices connected to kindle.

  9. Something we lost when the PS2 first came out; using imagination to enhance gaming experience. As more games use photorealistic or super-expressive characters, we are less emotionally attatched them.

    Has any game on a modern console got a following as strong as the old PlayStation’s Final Fantasy games or 1990’s Zeldas?

    • A large number of fps games. I worked with teenage boys who would die if they couldn't log their call of duty hours for the day. The following is strong, the type of game changed.

  10. My eleven year old daughter was intrigued by carbonless paper not long ago, and then I tried to explain carbon paper; the concept eluded her.

  11. Phone Booths.

    My girlfriend told me a story about how she recently spoke to her old middle school teacher and she was saying how she tried to explain Superman to the kids and how he changed into Superman. Well the children had no effin clue what a phone booth was.

  12. A blog. The internet as we know it. Apple and all its crap (fingers crossed for this one to come true tomorrow). Heterosexual parents.

  13. Buying things that will last more than a year or two. Everything is becoming disposable, it's cheaper to buy a lot of things new than have them fixed or even buy just the part and fix it yourself.

  14. Items mentioned in Christmas songs. I had explain what a "sleigh" was to my daughter & it's purpose. I don't know how much of these things we'll have to explain as they just won't be relevant anymore by the time they're old enough to understand what they are.

    She loves to watch old movies such as Jimmy Stewarts "Harvey" and "Auntie Mame" but I have to pause every few minutes and explain that cell phones, gps devices, computers, netflix and flat panel tv's hadn't been invented yet when these movies were made.

  15. Waiting 45 minutes for a TV Dinner (in the oven – yes, there was a time when microwaves didn't exist)
    Waiting "6 to 8 weeks for delivery"
    Only one flavor of Cheerios

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