The “Physical” Size of the Internet [Infographic]

How Big is the Internet?

4 Responses to The “Physical” Size of the Internet [Infographic]

  1. A web page has nothing to do with Print size. Most web "pages" are far larger than a 8.5×11 sheet of paper. Printing this page alone is 4 sheets at letter size, due to the header and footer details mostly…

  2. Add in that most pages are generally very large, and that a large number of pictures could fit of rather large pages, and this area becomes much larger.
    Rather than total size based upon number of web pages, why not do it based upon total estimated amount of data transfer? I'd like to see how many vinyl records and how many FTL trucks it would take to transfer that information physically.

  3. How many dollar bills can you fit on a piece of paper? about 4? So take this, turn it into dollar bills, times it by 4 and you have our current national debt. Awesome!

  4. Wow, this infographic fails so hard, it could fill a standard failwhale 24,102,432 times over precisely. Spread out over the state of Alaska that would mean a foot per squaremeter. These by the way are just uninformed guesses since I have no idea what volume an actual fail has.

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