Printer Ink: What it Really Costs [Infographic]

Enlightening little infographic, isn’t it?

[Source: Ninemsn]

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  1. On the plus side, still cheaper than liquid gold ($1million per litre). For now.

    It does mean that 1L of colour printer ink is worth 963 hours (or 25 weeks, full time) of a 15 year old's minimum wage. Have you considered going with illuminated manuscripts instead of printing?

    • You know whats a total crock, Calculating the cost of ink based on the cost of an Ink Cartridge(which actually has several high cost components).
      There are several company's and printers that sell separate ink and printer heads. Last I checked ink was $12 for 100ml. which puts it squarely between champagne and Vodka, which is about right.

      • Most of those high cost components are only there to ensure you can put brand new cartridge only, that black and white can't be print because you run out of cyan, create fake expiration date and tell you it's empty when half full. Packing is part of the price show for all those products. Chanel could have put the same kind of crappy high cost components in they perfume bottle but they chose to go with a more simple packing. I'm happy for you if you can fill your printer with 12$ bottle of ink but most people can't.

        • You keep wearing your tin foil hat, and the black helicopters will never find you, and while your at it can you tell me where did you buy Chanel that came in simple packaging?
          The reason most people can't fill their printers with cheap ink is because most people walk into the store or order the cheapest printer they can find. Its like blaming Coca-cola for being fat.

          See eagles_vis's comment below on how you too can become enlightened

  2. That's why i bought a semi-decent photo printer (Epson p50) and a constant ink supply system for it. You can get a CISS for about $40-$80 on ebay, pre-filled with ~500ml of photo-quality ink. Refills are about $20 per liter. Now it costs me less to print an a4 photograph than a document on a standard colour printer.

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