Honest Trailers: The Avengers [Video]

Ouch. Truth certainly hurts, doesn’t it?

We loved ‘The Avengers’… but you guys demanded this one! From God of the Nerds Joss Whedon, comes our honest commentary on Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and the rest of that bluetooth obsessed government agency.

Oh, and just so you know, the movie was released on DVD and blu-ray today, have you ordered your copy yet? :)

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  1. Um, sorry guys, all the nerds DO know who the character revealed in the credits is. Why would you assume they are pretending to know who it is?

  2. I totally missed that bit about lack of communication equipment during the final battle. I guess I was just distracted by the Black Widow's outfit.

  3. In my opinion, one of the few actually honest lines was the end, when he said, "If this doesn't make your inner 8-year-old self squeal in delight…"

    Well, after writing a bit, it seems my auto-writing hands are dead set on taking this line-by-line, so… Some spoilers ahead, if you haven't seen it yet…(Oh, and sorry for the Great Wall of Text… Honestly wasn't planning on that much…)

    There were a few others that were true, but most of it was not. Sure, no visible coms in the final fight scene, but hey… Otherwise, though…

    Like, the line, "…That blinds all nerds from any legit criticism" (Hell, no. I had my issues with it! Not many, I admit, but I had some),

    "A villain who inexplicably returns from the dead"(no, he's a god. I suspect that gods can survive deep space, they just prefer to stick around in atmo{like any normal sapient being}),

    "Iron Man, everybody's favorite secondary Marvel character"(Who the hell's the first?? I can't speak for everyone, but I and most of my friends agree, Iron Man is the best, Marvel or DC),

    "Thor, who sort of pulled off his movie, but whose appearance…"(No. Thor(his movie) was freaking spot-on. Sure, they took some liberties with alter egos and such, but otherwise, they nailed the characters. And as for him coming back in here, they never said the Bifrost was the one and only, no other options, single access point to the other worlds.),

    To be continued in my own reply…

    • "Captain America, nobody's favorite character, and…"(…… Yeah, all right, I'll give you that one.),

      "Hulk, who for the sake of plot…"(Well, come on, Banner had some years to work out his Hulk difficulties{a bit of a stretch, maybe, but I'm willing to buy it…}),

      "…Which doesn't matter, cause that shot was awesome"(Well, that's a given. That was the third best Hulk shot IMHO, the second being Hulk punching Thor, and the first being Hulk trying to pick up Mjölnir),

      20 minutes of repairing the ship(No, that was great! That was something we see in the comics all the time, but we don't get to see in the movies, precisely because most folks think it's boring: that is, the heroes using their powers against the environment! How many times has Spiderman saved a kid from a burning building? Or Iron Man holding up a collapsing building to buy time for civilians? That, IMHO, was actually very cool to see)

      "…Generic aliens of flying jet skis"(Yeah, the Chitauri(?) were a bit weird…But, they were a good, faceless horde for the heroes to fight. No real problem with them from this viewer)

      "Confusing energy source"(Again, yeah, not the most well laid out aspect of the film, but my view was of the "it's a far higher tech than I can ever know, so why wouldn't it work that way? Who am I to judge?" sort of view…)

      "The explosion that kills every alien…"(So what? Slave races are a very common sight in all sci-fi, including comics. And, almost as common, are various control matrices that, once the signal source is removed, the devices themselves simply shut off. Think the things on the backs of the kids in Falling Skies. Same basic concept; removal of the device equals death of the controlled)

      "The Bromance"(………..Yeah, so that one was kinda there.)

      "The character in the middle of the credits…"(Please. I may not be as hardcore a nerd as some, but I feel that I would be a poor nerd indeed if I didn't know exactly who the guy was{can I just say it yet? Surely anyone who's going to watch it already has…}. And, can I ask, why the hell did this joker automatically assume every nerd "pretended" to know who it was? First off, when dealing with fan bases, you always have to remember to never use two words(or their variants): Always and Never, and that includes Every and None.(and, yes, I know what I did there, I meant to do it))

      "A movie, so fulfilling…."(Again, yeah, I kinda gotta give him this one. the first chunk was a bit drawn out…)

      "A villain, so determined…"(Once again, this one is pretty spot-on. Why bother with pulling them together at all? To ensure you've got an audience who can appreciate your acts? Maybe? I dunno… Tony summed it up pretty good: Not a great plan)

      "Battles, so action-packed…"(Honestly, I never even noticed that. But, is it such a stretch that, with that "Bluetooth obsessed agency", someone would have made an effective earpiece that was actually not easy to see? Or even something subcutaneous? That's what I'll be telling myself, anyway…)

      The character recap list(Yeah, a bit exaggerated, but, yeah…)

      And then that last one, which I covered at the top…

      Wow. That turned out to be one long post. Sorry again for the wall of text there… And, I will admit, the announcer had a few more valid points than I had thought at first. At first, I was giving a from-the-gut reaction, but then I ended up taking it line-by-line, and he was pretty spot on with a lot of it.

  4. Released on DVD/Blu Ray today? Geeze, where do you guys live? I've had Avengers on DVD/Blu Ray combo (legitimate, not torrented, stolen, or otherwise ripped off) for almost a month. You guys got screwed over. it's usually us Aussies who get rogered on DVD releases. One win for us! :-)

  5. Loki didn’t die in Thor, The hover carrier is not a space ship, the aliens aren’t generic. And the person who made this “honest trailer” doesn’t know jack about the marvel universe.

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